Austin Knudsen/Montana Commissioner Under Fire. Law Suit Filed by Vaccine Healthcare Pushers


Once again, Austin Knudsen is on the hot seat as he’s being sued by multiple healthcare facilities and the Montana Medical Association. Knudsen, as always, will stand up for the great people of our beloved state against atrocities such as forced vaccinations.

“While other states see workers suing their employers over forced vaccinations, Montanan’s have been protected by HB-702, passed by Republicans in the most recent legislative session. HB-702 prohibits discrimination based on a person’s vaccination status or possession of an immunity passport.

Employers, government agencies, and public accommodations cannot require vaccination status as a barrier to entry under HB-702. An exemption for nursing homes and long-term care facilities was carved out in the legislation.

Now, Providence, which operates St. Patrick’s Hospital, along with Montana Medical Association, Five Valleys Urology, and Western Montana Clinic, has filed suit against Attorney General Austin Knudsen and Montana Commissioner of Labor and Industry Laurie Esau to challenge the law protecting their nurses, physicians, and other staff from being force vaccinated.

The suit alleges that unvaccinated workers undermine physicians’ credibility when they urge their patients to become vaccinated, and other workers at the hospital are not.”

Read the full story here. -Submitted by Roy Mckenzie, Missoula County Tyranny

Another article that goes into full detail on the subject is linked here.

Emilee Cantrell, a spokesperson for Knudsen, said in a statement, “Attorney General Knudsen will defend the law. He is committed to protecting Montanans’ right to privacy and their ability to make their own health care decisions.”


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