Amtrak Disaster Update: A Loose Switch and High Speed are Likely Factors.


More and more information is coming forth regarding the Amtrak disaster on Saturday afternoon, September 25th, near Joplin, MT.

One very concerned citizen emphatically stated,

“A friend of mine rode the Amtrak Empire Express in 2019 from Seattle to Chicago over this very stretch. I had a GPS with me that clocked the train, frequently traveling at close to 100mph in excess of the 79mph “speed limit.” I would be interested to learn at what speed the train was traveling during this incident.”

Havre college student Jack Slawter revealed,

“Word is getting around quickly-conductors, mechanics, know what’s up. The problem -one of many- is a loose switch. The reason -to the best of my knowledge – is that the switch was “off” by more than 6 inches. The switch was loose; it wasn’t tightened back down after it was moved. Another buddy of mine said that “the Amtrak trains haul $%*&@ because it’s a straightaway through there.”

He continued,

“Whoever was responsible for this-meaning a conductor or conductors- needs to be prosecuted and fired!”

Hill County Commissioner stated, “It looks like a switch failed, and the matter is under investigation.”

Public Service Commissioner, Randy Pinocci, knew that area needed to be assessed and tending to and was dismissed. Read the full story here for more information on Pinocci’s dealings as PSC warning ahead of time of this tragic matter.

Many agree, “BNSF Railroad are definitely looking like they are at fault.”


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