Candace Owens-Terrance Williams: “They aren’t Proud of Black People They Can’t Control.”


Terrence Williams is an overcomer. Among his people, he shines as a leader and independent thinker. But many in the black community shun Williams due to his conservative ideologies.

“They are not proud of black people they can’t control. If they can’t control you, they will never be proud of you,” Williams told Owens.

“Actor and comedian Terrence K. Williams joined conservative commentator Candace Owens on the Daily Wire’s latest episode of Candace. The two discussed how Williams got his start, what his experience in foster homes was like and how his adopted parents changed his life, and his upcoming comedy tour, Laugh at Your Own Risk.

Williams said it’s time to quit “blaming the white man for everything.”

We can all blame somebody for something. But what is that going to do? Is it going to help you? Is it going to change anything, blaming someone?” he asked.

He said, “I understand that people grow up and they have a hard life, but there comes a time when you have to start taking responsibility. I mean, me growing up in foster care, I could blame my momma, I could blame my daddy, I could blame the system. I could play the blame game my whole life, but that doesn’t help me.”

Williams rose to success as a businessman and a comedian, but he is disrespected by many.

“Williams said it’s “pretty disgusting” when left-wing activists scream “black excellence,” instructing allies to support black-owned businesses and black men and black women when he wasn’t backed by the same community. “I didn’t get that support from them. All because I was a conservative. All because I supported President Trump. So I was really caught by surprise,” Williams explained.

They are not proud of black people they can’t control. If they can’t control you, they will never be proud of you. They have to control you. You have to follow after them. You have to stand in line and do what they say. When they say jump, you’re supposed to say, ‘How high?’ And if you don’t say, ‘How high?’ they don’t support you anymore. They just throw you away,” the well-known Trump supporter said.”

Read his story here and watch a video of his story here.


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