Grass Range MT- Dinosaur- “Sauropod” Possibly Found! Massive Creature


GRASS RANGE, Mont. – When you think of dinosaurs, you probably think of the classic movie, “Jurassic Park,” and here in Montana, we have seen many T-Rex’s and Triceratops. 

However, in central Montana, one local rancher is helping dig up new dino-mite discoveries. 

Daniel Roat says his daughters have always loved dinosaurs.

So, when they came across some dinosaur bones on his property, they were excited. 

Now, he is working with the Great Plains Dinosaur Museum to dig up some of the biggest dinosaurs to ever walk in the Treasure State.” 

“We think it might be the upper arm bone, so the humorous, of a very, very large sauropod, so a very large long neck plant-eating dinosaur. And if that’s the case, it also has the potential that it might in fact represent a sauropod that has never been found in Montana before,” said Woodruff. 

“It’s amazing. It blows my mind to even think about how old the dirt is that we’re digging in. and to be finding this kind of bone is unreal,” said Roat. 

Read the fascinating full story here.


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