Montana Man Reclaims Stolen Bank Property; Establishes “Camp Justice” to Expose Crimes


Dennis Thornton, the Montana man who had his property stolen by Whitefish Credit Union (WFCU) in an illegal deed transfer, has taken matters into his own hands and reclaimed his property after exhausting all forms of legal process and procedure to receive justice.

Thornton, whose evidence was highlighted extensively in this article published a few months ago, is receiving media support from Montana Daily Gazette and logistical support from People’s Rights, the group founded by activist and Idaho gubernatorial candidate, Ammon Bundy.

Bundy, who was sent all of the evidence to prove criminality by WFCU, had the following to say when reached by Montana Daily Gazette staff yesterday:

I support the efforts of Dennis Thornton now, and will consult my scheduler to establish a time that I can be there in-person to show my support on the ground. – Ammon Bundy

As stated earlier, Thornton presented his evidence to every agency who he thought could help him, including the Montana Banking Commission, the Montana Attorney General’s Office, and the Flathead County Sheriff, to name a few. Thornton even sent his evidence to the Montana FBI, who investigated it for a year and stated that there were crimes committed but they were state crimes and needed to be handled by the state, a fact disputed by former FBI Investigator and Montana Senator David Howard who in this article, argued that the crimes committed by WFCU were eligible for a RICO investigation.

One of the elements of the Thornton case that piqued the interest of the Montana Daily Gazette is the fact that Thornton is not alone in his assertions that WFCU stole property from him, as Montana Daily Gazette has spoken to more than a half-dozen people who allege similar crimes committed against them by WFCU, all of which can be viewed on the Montana Gazette Radio Rumble channel by clicking here.

It should also be noted that several currently serving, high-ranking legislators have reviewed the evidence against WFCU and also believe that there was potential criminal activity, including Mark Noland who is the head of the Montana Banking Oversight Committee

From observations and conversations with the patriots who have already arrived at Camp Justice, these men and women are in for the long haul. If you are close to Montana’s Flathead Valley and wish to participate in the liberation of Dennis Thornton’s property, you can come to 860 Boon Road in Somers to show your support.

Montana Gazette Radio was there the moment Thornton liberated his stolen property and conducted a walk-thru assessment of his damaged and stolen equipment; equipment that was supposed to be safeguarded by WFCU. The reclaiming of Thornton’s property and the birth of Camp Justice can be seen by clicking the video link below.


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