Logan Health Kalispell-SEIU Nurses Extremely Neglectful


Recently a Flathead Valley resident fell quite ill. He was under a doctor’s care, but as his breathing became more labored, he knew he had to seek additional help.

That was when he went to the ER at Logan Health in Kalispell, MT. His wife-who was beyond shocked and upset-revealed that they turned him away-from a lack of beds-and though he tested positive for “Covid,” they wouldn’t culture or test him for a secondary infection. She had to BEG them to send him home with an antibiotic, but finally, they gave in. After being turned away twice from Logan Health Center, eventually, the day came, and he was admitted.

Prior to admission, he had been on oxygen at home, which was prescribed by Urgent Care in Kalispell. The night before he was admitted to Logan Health, his regular doctor prescribed Avipital in his nebulizer, which is known to help clear out the lungs.

Once admitted to Logan Health; however, he was put on a Nebulizer with Albuterol. Day after day, he worsened and became extremely sick.

His wife wasn’t allowed into the hospital but tried very hard to make sure he got what he needed, i.e., fresh, clean shorts, t-shirts, etc., so he wouldn’t have to lie in a hospital gown day and night. Well, he never got to wear the items she sent, even though the nurse assured her that he would. Instead, his undergarments sat in the closet for the entire time he was there. Things then went from bad to worse. Her husband was in the hospital for a total of 19 days, and she discovered through conversations with him that he had only been bathed once and received one sponge bath in that time. The other sponge bath he gave to himself. Furthermore, the nurses only brushed his teeth twice in his entire stay!

A hospital informant revealed, “The SEIU nurses will do anything they can to make the hospital look bad.” Another hospital staff shared, “how lazy the SEIU nurses are.”

After the patient went day after day through extreme depression, fatigue, and heightened illness, his wife called their regular Pharmacist, asking if there was any more that could be done. The Pharmacist suggested calling their regular doctor and getting him back on the original prescription, which was used in the nebulizer before hospitalization. Up until that phone call, the patient’s wife didn’t realize that was permissible. However, Albuterol just wasn’t doing the trick as her husband was worsening daily.

His wife begged the Logan Health physician to put him back on his original pre-hospital prescription of Avipital, -to which he agreed-and after just a couple of treatments, he began to improve. The hospital staff was in shock at the sudden turnaround. Albuterol didn’t do a thing for the suffering patient; in fact, he grew worse by the day, but thanks to the pre-hospital prescription, he experienced a breakthrough.

This was a huge victory, and she learned something vital. Whatever a doctor prescribes before hospital admission is permitted to ‘follow the patient,’ meaning it can be administered within the hospital. She wished she had known this sooner as her husband had been on Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin before his hospital admission. Had she known, she most certainly would have asked that those drugs be given to him in the hospital.

‘I knew I couldn’t give up, or he would die in there. It’s a miracle that he lived.”

“Except for the doctor agreeing to allow his former prescription to be administered in his nebulizer, he was very neglected at Logan Health and was also given a drug without my knowledge which I believe caused one of his kidneys to fail.”

Remdesivir has a kidney failure rate of 30% and is commonly given to “Covid” patients. Unfortunately, she was not informed that they were giving it to him, and she was distraught once she found out. Had she been informed that the hospital staff would use this harmful drug, she told Montana Daily Gazette that she “wouldn’t” have allowed it.”His kidney function has been suboptimal ever since, and he may even lose his kidney.

To reiterate, the hospital’s treatment of Albuterol in his nebulizer did nothing until he was issued his pre-hospital inhalant, Avipital. He wasn’t bathed, his teeth were rarely brushed, and the Remdesivir wasn’t addressed with his wife, and now he has kidney issues. The nurses were horribly neglectful and she shared that others were telling her they had experienced similar situations.


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  1. So, you are saying that the “Covid” virus can make a person very sick. Seems like it would be advisable to take steps to reduce illness from this virus.

    • thanks for commenting im saying that with proper treatment in hospitals and before hospitalization its quite curable and that Logan is administering harmful and ineffective treatments.. Staff there has also revealed that most the beds are filled by Vaccinated patients. thanks

      • Really? Where did you get that info? It totally contradicts what I am seeing is why I am asking.

        “Wednesday’s status report from Logan Health showed 42 patients hospitalized with Covid; 34 of those had not received the Covid shot. Eleven patients were in the ICU — including 10 unvaccinated patients and one vaccinated patient — and six were on ventilators, including one vaccinated person.”


        Do you have a link for your info. Something is very wrong somewhere in these reports.

          • well if you read my story its apparent how neglectful they are ..they can certainly skew numbers.. i do know a nurse watched a dr put “covid” on a death certificate when it wasn’t a covid death. covid is cash…so….and many are saying how neglectful the SEIU nurses are so I don’t take much they say too seriously

          • Nurses and Doctors cannot skew the Covid numbers though. Regardless of whether they are helping their patients with baths etc. A person either has Covid or they don’t. Anecdotal stories don’t change the facts. I’m very sorry this person in your story was sick and his wife wasn’t able to even visit his bedside. That is certainly the pits.

          • wrong. my friends son is a nurse and he literally watched a doc write covid on the death certificate of someone who didn’t have covid and that’s common everywhere because covid deaths are worth money to hospitals and get the persons family off the hook.

          • this woman is one of many whos loved one was neglected..even General Paul Vallely wasn’t bathed for 2 weeks 2 years ago. there’s tons of nonsense going on up in this hospital

  2. nationwide its a fact that the vaccine emits variants as proven by the world leading nobel prize winner Luc Montagier. Governor Gianforte is a perfect example of someone who came down with Covid following his “vaccines”

    • Brenda, we all need some way to sort through all of this so one could know for sure what is accurate and what is not. It is just too crazy out there. We are given totally conflicting information constantly.

      • cheryl im afraid thats just the way it is..i mean lets face it these hospitals give out drugs that ruin folks kidneys like candy.

  3. When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three
    e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Bless you!


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