Montana Daily Gazette Exclusive: Kalispell MT-CNN Reporters Get ROASTED- Dr. Annie Bukacek “No Comment”


On Friday evening, during tonight’s weekly protest on South Main St. in Kalispell, MT, a CNN crew showed up in hopes of interviewing Dr. Annie Bukacek.

CNN had emailed her previously the week before and called her office, to which she did not reply. So finally, in a last-ditch effort, four CNN Reporters, including CNN’s Drew Griffin, visited the Friday night protest but got nowhere. Griffin, obviously agitated was a mere few inches from Dr. Bukacek’s face while trying to coax her into an interview. She simply was not interested.

CNN Profiles - Drew Griffin - Correspondent - CNN
Griffin was grumpy and irritated at the protest when he didn’t get the “interview” he was hoping for.

The good doctor prefers not to interview with fake and lying news reporters/sources such as CNN but is always willing to share information with honest news reporters/sources such as Montana Daily Gazette, who always tell the truth.

Dr. “Annie” standing for freedom.
David August running for HD9 -strong Patriot defending freedom in the Flathead
Flathead Patriots don’t put up with tyranny EVER.

Always a good turnout on Friday nights in Kalispell protesting all forms of tyranny
All patriots are welcome on Friday nights whether young or old we all stand together.

When CNN didn’t get what they wanted from Bukacek and the protestors,-who don’t put up with lying news reporters such as CNN either,- they booked it down the road to Bukacek’s office to film the outside, so as not to return home with little to no story at all.

A local Kalispell Patriot did an excellent job ‘roasting’ the embarrassed CNN “staff” via his video. Watch here for a good laugh.

No protest is complete without a good taco bar.

CNN reporters were invited to “stay and grab a taco,” but they declined.


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    • thanks, Ned! I got there late but thankfully the good doc gave me enough info along with my buddy who videotaped it to get this story together! look forward to meeting you!

  1. She is a moron. And you are terrible members of this community. You guys and your uneducated theories are ruining our local Healthcare system. So glad I quit working at Logan and don’t have to deal with you idiots.


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