Please Jump Ship Joe Russell! We Beg You STOP-Retire Already!


Joe Russell, Flathead County Health Officer, claims he won’t leave the county and won’t “jump ship” while Flathead County is looking for a new health officer. Tyrannical martyr Russell must hang in there so he can make sure victims receive yet a THIRD Pfizer “vaccine,” and especially for those who are “immune-compromised!”

Russell continues to spew destructive rhetoric and try to convince people to take a THIRD round of the most toxic injections on the face of planet earth.

“The health department already has been giving a third dose of mRNA vaccine to highly medically compromised people, Russell said. The third dose of the vaccine is not a booster dose. Instead, it is an additional dose for persons in whom the immune response may have been suppressed following the first two doses, according to information provided on the health department website at Immunocompromised individuals include people with certain medical conditions or people receiving treatments that are associated with moderate to severe immune compromise.

That’s right, Joe, let’s kick a person harder while they are down. “Severe immune-compromised people will get an additional third Pfizer shot” (it seems the first two didn’t take), and mind you; it’s not an actual booster but an additional ‘vaccine’ if you’re good and sick with a weak immune system already.

Then besides this is the third booster for the above ages groups should they feel they need that little extra ‘jab.’ But don’t worry, even though most people in Flathead County know of someone or have heard about the mysterious death of one who was “perfectly healthy” and had a heart attack or stroke and died three days after being injected.

Russel further stated, “We are not going to pass judgment,” Russell said. “If you want a [booster] shot, who are we to tell them no? We’re not going to delve into HIPAA-protected information.”

This almost sounds like giving a severe diabetic their third candy bar. “But who are we to tell them no?” He sounds ever so innocent while he offers up the third round of poison similar to those who pass out razor blades in kiddies’ Halloween candy.

This sounds like “Nightmare on Elm Street,” but it’s really “Nightmare in Flathead County.”

Take heed Flathead County. Don’t forget about the teenage girl in Missoula who was illegally vaccinated; her brother took her to the mall where the Missoula City County Health Department injected her without a parent’s signature. The teen has experienced nothing but health problems since she received the two Pfizer “vaccines.” But that’s another story. Stay tuned.

You can read about Joe’s crazy plans here.


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