Montana Liberals Panic, Think Freezer Truck is “Mobile Morgue” for COVID Corpses


Liberals catastrophize. It’s what they do. They live in a frightening world, in which everyone, and everything, is at potentially deadly risk. Despite being promised that vaccinations could prevent the spread of COVID-19 (a claim no one any longer makes with a straight face) and despite the fact Planned Parenthood kills more Montanans than the Wuhan Flu, Democrats still live their lives in exaggerated panic.

Little brings out the fright of Democrats quite as much as the Wuhan Flu, and panic seems to rule their day. A perfect example of this was brought to our attention by Montanans for Health and Family Rights as a head-shaking illustration of the fright under which Democrats live their lives.

Sen. Ellie Boldman (SD45, Missoula), posted the claim on her Facebook page (as you can see above).

Boldman, who has served the legislature since 2011, was just positive the bodies were piling up at St. Peter’s Health, the hospital in Helena. She wrote, “Here is the new freezer morgue parked outside our hospital in Helena. National Guard is on its way statewide.”

The catastrophizing Chicken Little later wrote, “Don’t forget the wisdom of you majority party in the legislature chose to put their political ideology over local medical experts, local needs, and common sense. Politics over people. Don’t forget. Don’t ever )@%)^ forget.”

Also, please don’t forget that the resident “health expert” in Lewis & Clark County doesn’t have a degree in health, this is not a mobile morgue, the bodies are not piling up, and the National Guard has not had to come save the day, or that Senator Boldman is a tad bit paranoid.

As pointed out above, this is a mobile MRI unit, designed to take body imaging, altogether separate from any so-called COVID-19 “crisis.” This is a mobile morgue (below).

Larger cities use them for various crises. The senator had to later update her status.

Here are the real facts, up through October 5, of deaths and cases of COVID-19 in Montana (source).

See an uptick anywhere? Is it dramatic? Look at it in graph form, over the last year, and you’ll notice something peculiar.

The tiny fraction of deaths caused by COVID-19 in Montana (half as much as Planned Parenthood, in fact), corresponds with Cold & Flu Season. Vaccinations, masking, and other such mandates (or their repeals) seem to have had no effect on its spread or deadliness.

Facts matter.


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  1. One only has to go to the opinion page of our Helena fish wrap to read the hysteria that continues to grip our leftward population (and the Greek chorus of comments from the echo chamber that that the IR keeps on retainer to amplify the horror of life in a free society).
    God bless Governor Gianforte.


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