Sidney RINO Suing Knudsen, Trying to Overturn Ban Against Forced Vaccinations


It’s simply inconceivable.

The Montana Daily Gazette was literally created to write about Joel Krautter’s living in the closet *ahem* as a Democrat, being unsatisfied with being stifled by the liberal local media outlet that was – at the time – run by a woman who is now a Black Lives Matter activist. The notorious leftist founded the College Democrats, moved to an extremely conservative corner of Montana as a new attorney, convinced the locals he was a Republican and won office in the state legislature. He got an F-rating from Legistats, was ousted by local conservatives (he no longer shows his face at conservative events), and was beaten by a local fence-builder and rancher named Brandon Ler who had no previous political experience except for the school board.

You can find all of our articles about Krautter here. These days, Krautter mostly spends his time on Twitter attacking Republican officials like Matt Rosendale, like when our congressman wanted Afghani refugees properly vetted before being dumped off in the state.

Or, sometimes he’s busy making that sweet, sweet Twitter love with Dr. Anthony Fauci, encouraging families not to come together for Christmas.

An attack on Republicans is an almost daily staple on the former representative’s Twitter. He now is a part of the local Pachyderm group, started by failed candidate, Tammi Christensen, which is full of pro-choice “Republicans” and seeks to compete with the Republican Central Committee in direct violation of the rules set forth by the national pachyderm organization. Essentially, it’s the Democrat Wing of the Republican Party, the legacy of Walt McNutt.

So you could color some of us surprised to find out that Fish, Wildlife and Parks – overseen by Gianforte (a real conservative) appointed Krautter to serve on a board several months ago. Numerous complaints from Richland County conservatives were made to the Governor’s office, and at least one apology was given.

Anyway, HB702 – now passed into law – prevents employers from mandating their employees from being poked with an experimental and potentially dangerous, untested drug. Governor Gianforte signed it into law.

As you can imagine, those who get cash from Big Pharma for poking people are none to pleased with the bill, and so they are suing our fine state to overturn our personal liberties. And who is bringing that lawsuit? Joel Krautter.

The Associated Press reads…

Netzer Law Office, which has five employees and locations in Sidney and Billings, said the law passed earlier this year by the Republican-controlled Legislature interferes with the business’s “choice in determining how best to provide a safe and healthy environment.” The law office is represented in the suit by Joel Krautter, a former Republican state lawmaker.

The law — which applies to all vaccinations — says that requiring vaccines as a condition of employment is discriminatory and violates the state’s human rights laws.ADVERTISEMENT

The suit filed Tuesday in district court in Richland County states that the new law violates the Montana Constitution, which guarantees the right to “a clean and healthful environment.” In addition to asking for the law to be deemed unconstitutional, the plaintiffs are asking for a preliminary injunction staying the enforcement of the law while the legal challenge is underway.

The suit names state Republican State Attorney General Austin Knudsen and Commissioner of Labor and Industry Laurie Esau as defendants.

This is Krautter’s law firm. Simply inconceivable.


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