AMA-LGBTQ-“Sexless” Birth Certificates “Choose Your Gender” (Petition Within)


The following is a call to arms with a petition to sign at the end first posted by David Kilby and the entire CitizenGO Team.

“The American Medical Association is out of its mind. They want to remove sex from birth certificates because they believe it indicates sex on such an official document could lead to discrimination.

To them, sex isn’t that important anyway.

The LGBTQ Advisory Committee of The American Medical Association is trying to remove the male or female designation from birth certificates. We need your help to fight this extreme resolution being pushed by the LGBTQ community.

We expect the AMA to make a decision on the resolution within the next few weeks, so it’s important for you to sign the petition now:

Tell the AMA that a child’s sex is too important to be excluded from his or her birth certificate.

We need to stop them from making such a vital part of a child’s identity seem like a matter of personal choice.

In the resolution to remove sex from birth certificates, it states, “Gender is a social construct that describes the way persons self-identify or express themselves.” Existing AMA policy further states, “the AMA supports every individual’s right to determine their gender identity and sex designation on government documents and other forms of government identification.”

The AMA suggests keeping sex on the Standard Certificate of Live Birth and claims that the indication of sex on that document is enough for medical and statistical purposes. This illogical statement fails to consider how important a birth certificate is to a person’s identity. A human person deserves to have their sex recognized for more than just medical and statistical purposes.

The AMA claims that including sex markers on birth certificates “perpetuates a view that [sex] is immutable.”

That’s because it is immutable.

We need you to be active in our fight against the pressure of the LGTBQ lobby. Please sign our petition now:

Add your name: Demand that the AMA keep a child’s sex on his or her birth certificate

The AMA is using fake science in an attempt to change indisputable biological facts on the birth certificates of innocent babies. The baby has no choice in this matter.

In the rare cases where a newborn has ambiguous genitalia, one can argue that the child’s sex should be indicated as neither male nor female, but to make a sweeping generalization for all newborns by excluding sex on all birth certificates makes no sense. The LGBTQ Advisory Committee of the AMA wants to make these exceptions seem like the norm. For the vast majority of newborns, the sex is conspicuous and it is therefore an integral part of who they are.” 

The AMA wants to give the child the opportunity to “choose their gender” when they are older and more aware of themselves, but in the process the AMA is taking from them a sense of identity during the most formative years of their lives.

Sign the petition and tell the AMA that a birth certificate should indicate whether a child is male or female when the anatomy of the child makes its sex evident.


David Kilby and the entire CitizenGO Team

More information:

AMA opposes sex indication on birth certificates…

AMA resolution…

Ambiguous genitalia studies


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