Bozeman Ads Passed Out in Mexico, Promising “All the Rights of Citizenship”


Around Montana, symposiums have been held by state legislatures, warning constituents that our election process is not secure. The Montana Daily Gazette publisher attended one such symposium last night and the information at least seems overwhelming. As voter fraud abounds in places like Missoula, it’s become clear that the “blue dots” are trying as hard as possible to find votes where they don’t belong.

As Montana Daily Gazette has repeatedly covered, our state is not without voter fraud. In fact, it even caught the special attention of genuine POTUS, President Donald J. Trump. Voter fraud in Missoula has been so bad (and obvious) that it continues to make national news. There, it seems that at least 5% of votes cast were fraudulent. An audit has continued to demonstrate the voter fraud there is systemic. And while strides were made in the last legislative session to strengthen our voter security, Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen is being sued by Upper Seven Law Firm for requiring voter ID [editor’s note: this law firm is also suing MDG publisher, JD Hall, for what their client calls “transphobia“]. The two female attorneys, who picked up that case (along with Raph Graybill) previously clerked at the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (of course they did).

As unashamed voter fraud and attempts to erode the security of our elections has been obvious, it has also become clear that there is a special attempt to turn Montana into something other than Montana. But it might not just be Californians that liberals like Upper Seven Law Firm want so badly in Montana. They might want our neighbors to the South.

While in San Diego, a Montanan native was visiting the nearby Mexican city of Tijuana. While awaiting re-entry into the United States, they were approached by a Mexican woman and handed the following flier.

With the Marxist fist at the bottom left, a curious image appears on the bottom right. It’s that of the Montana Human Rights Network. The rest might take some translation for the typical Montanan to understand.

“Empiece hoy su nueva vida. Bozeman necesita tu ayuda para hacer que nuestra comunidad sea grandiosa nuevamente” (seen in black lettering, middle) is translated, “Start your new life today. Bozeman needs to your help to make our community great again!”

Okay, fair enough. Montana is a big state and there’s room for more people. Many Mexicans are wonderful people. And just like in America, some are rapists, child molesters, and human traffickers. We digress…

But the part at the bottom is disturbing.

It reads in Spanish, “¡No se necesitan papeles! Acaba de llegar” and is translated…

No papers necessary! Just come.

What, now? No papers are necessary? Like, no passport or VISA?

It’s just as bad in the wording above. The heading reads, “Come to beautiful Bozeman Montana!” That seems innocuous. But then the flier reads, “Trabajos. Alojamiento. Nueva vida. Viva con todos los beneficios de la ciudadanía.” This is translated, “Jobs. Housing. New Life. Live with all the benefits of citizenship.”

Some compassion should be necessary for whatever foreigner comes to Bozeman looking for housing. But the “live with all the benefits of citizenship” part could possibly be criminal. Are we talking about voting? What other rights of citizenship are there?

A photo went viral on Facebook today, floating around various Facebook groups. You can see it below.

Why on earth is Bozeman being promoted as the final home and destination on the Mexican side of the Tijuana border crossing? Why are we promising the benefits of citizenship or the false promise of housing? What is being planned for Bozeman, and why?

The flier has been forwarded to Montana law enforcement.


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