Eastern Montana Legislators Conduct Important Election Security Symposium in Miles City


Led by Rep. Bob Phalen (R-Glendive) and Rep. Jerry Schillinger (R-Jordan), and attended by Rep. Barry Usher, and Sen. Steve Hinebauch, Eastern Montana legislators met at the Montana Livestock Commission meeting room to a packed house. The topic of the conversation was a simple one; voter fraud.

Most in the group had attended Mike Lindell’s 72-hour Cyber Symposium last month in South Dakota and acquired the facts necessary to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that our elections are in jeopardy.

Facts presented include the capacity for voter machines to be connected to the Internet even while unplugged, any voting machine’s vulnerability to being manipulated from afar, the influence of foreign governments and corporations in the voting machines themselves, and voting “irregularities” proving that voter fraud did, indeed, take place.

Worst yet, Montana ranks third (per capita) for voting fraud, according to the facts presented. Scroll through a side-show of photographs from the event below.

Photo credit: Some photographs were taken by Kristy Hinebauch-Crews.

There were no “independent fact-checkers” there to disrupt the legislators from revealing the facts in real-time. The crowd seem unified in their belief that the 2020 presidential election was stolen, that our elections are not secure, and that county clerks need to go back to paper ballots, along with following new voter ID laws. Advice was given for Citizens to scour the voting roles themselves, and to place pressure upon the right public officials to further secure elections.

According to Rep. Phalen, legislators are requesting for a Select Committee of the legislature to look into the matter. When asked how receptive Montana Secretary of State, Christi Jacobsen, was to the matter of election security Phalen answered carefully, “no comment.”

Other representatives besides Phalen and Schillinger spoke up, including Rep. Usher and Sen Hinebauch. It seems that Eastern Montana remains fairly united in making sure that Montana’s elections are run fairly. Other topics, like Gianforte’s acceptance of Afghani refugees and redistricting, were also discussed by the crowd and speakers.

Meanwhile, RINO legislators, like Geraldine Custer, were nowhere to be seen. The events follow extreme voter fraud discovered by Brad Tschida and his team in Missoula. Little doubt exists that voter fraud exists in the Big Sky State, and the only question is how much. The least controversial answer is, enough to matter. The most serious answer is, enough to change the outcome of elections.

[Editor’s Note: Where was the rest of the media? The Montana Daily Gazette was there. Was there an earthquake or something?]


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