Grand Finale Protest! Kalispell- FRIDAY (the Kind CNN Shows up to)


Tonight is the night! The Grand Finale of all protests will take place TONIGHT-5 to 7 pm- at South Main in Kalispell in front of the Old County Courthouse.

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JOIN US TONIGHT! FINALE! 5 to 7 Friday Night South Kalispell

Several protests have taken place-on consecutive Friday nights-and the overwhelming affirmations have been astounding. Many passersby have given ‘high fives’ and ‘thumbs up!’

“Cars, trucks, and even Semis have waved, honked, and been over the top excited that we are out protesting atrocities such as elder lockdowns, forced masking, immunity passports, and other extremely unconstitutional matters” one protestor proclaimed.

Below are the links to other articles about Flathead Patriots and the awesome protests they put on to “lift up those in need and stand against evil.”

Read here, and here, where Montana Daily Gazette has covered former Friday night protests recently in Kalispell.

Resist like its 1776!

However, the Grand Daddy of ALL PROTESTS took place last Friday night when CNN showed up to interview Dr. Annie Bukacek and got burned. You do not want to miss this as CNN were the ones who got “interviewed.” Watch here for the laugh of the century.

Tonight Micah Hill, Flathead County School Disctrict 5 Dictatorial Superintendent, will be highlighted in a protest poster as he has allowed unconstitutional Covid Testing in Flathead County for children. Read the recent article on his ludicrous measures here.

All are invited to come out tonight and protest one last time! Food and drinks provided! Join in one and all who love the Flathead and freedom! Again the location is South Main Street in Kalispell by the Old County Courthouse from 5 to 7 pm.


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