Long Live COLUMBUS Day!


With all the controversy concerning Christopher Columbus and-especially on this special day,-Columbus Day-we honor the man who contributed much to society.

“Among the federal holidays, Columbus Day has become one of the least honored, partially due to controversy about misdeeds associated with colonization.  In fact, Columbus never set foot on or came close to any territory that later became part of the continental United States. 

The history of Christopher Columbus is actually less messy and more consequential than many of the other heroes of our national holidays. There is not only a great deal to celebrate in Columbus, but the man embodied a range of attributes that are necessary to solving many of our contemporary problems and even saving our country from further decline and collapse resulting from groupthink, corruption, and abuse of power.”   

“Today’s “woke” culture, which has held Columbus accountable for the chain of disasters that followed in his wake in the Caribbean and South America is not only unfair to him, but it overlooks the essence of the man. Not of Spanish culture, Columbus was at heart a simple but ambitious individualist — a seafaring explorer and evangelist.  He had neither interest in founding colonies nor was he an effective leader and administrator of strong-headed hidalgos that undertook setting up colonial outposts at the behest of Queen Isabella.

Columbus’s perseverance and courage in his transatlantic feat of crossing a vast ocean inspired successors from northern Europe who had been transformed by the Protestant Reformation with the ideas of equality and freedom. They would set out to pursue a new life in a new world, ultimately establishing 13 different colonies in coastal North America.”

Read the full story here about the REAL Columbus which honors this great explorer of the New World.

A faithful Montana Daily Gazette reader stated the following:

The first Columbus celebration was in NYC in 1886, followed by San Francisco in 1889. It has been a proud holiday for me my entire life. Applying a 21st century world to a 15th century world is asking all world history to be revised or criticized. Besides looking for riches, Columbus wanted to bring Christianity to the New World as depicted in this Salvador Dali painting named, “The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus.” Amen. Happy Columbus Day!

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Happy Columbus Day!


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