The story was a simple one. Multiple witnesses testified to the Montana Daily Gazette publisher, Pastor Jordan Hall of Gideon Knox Group, that a notoriously obnoxious and ineffective lobbyist had made a fool of himself in the state capitol. He then put a Go Fund Me Account begging people to help him see me for transphobia (see below).

Of course, I asked for an interview to verify the facts before publishing, which he denied. Then, after a while, he sent a vague email saying the facts weren’t accurate, but given that he’s, well…him…I told him I would not retract (it goes without saying, pending some actual evidence my witnesses were wrong).

Truth be told, I think he figured out “transphobic hate speech” (or the Freedom of Speech and Religion) isn’t a tort offense in America. He sent a lawsuit, which was written like that of a drunken money, which I sent to my attorney and promptly put out of my mind. After some veiled threats were made toward me by this fellow in a podcast, I sent it to my Chief Safety Officer at church and forgot about it, knowing it was in capable hands (it still is). After all, he was without representation, and I trust my attorney implicitly. It should be punted from the court (in my opinion) like a football through the goalpost of life.

But then, this fellow found some attorneys, chiefly Raph Graybill, the former chief legal counsel for Governor Steve Bullock (who lost by 16 points against Attorney General Knudsen statewide and 83% in Richland County, where I live. He also found a couple of ladies who had clerked for the 9th Circuit to take me on (who I wrote many, many articles about in the general election; there is an axe to grind for sure).

Because this is still in litigation, I can’t say much other than the lawsuit has gotten significantly more expensive. The last thing I wrote about this case was announcing it, here. All I care to add is that Graybill is suing the Attorney General for four of our pro-life bills (to overturn them) and the Upper Seven Lawfirm is suing Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen over regulations requiring voter identification (how dare she). I couldn’t be prouder that these are the types of people coming after the #1 News Publisher in the State of Montana. Of course, it’s Planned Parenthood’s Attorney suing me. What else would one expect? It’s a badge of honor.

You might recall I got into a bit of legal wrangling with a fueling station for calling a man a man (I know, controversial, right?). Well, we won and we wrote about that here. In fact, here’s a link with the awesome pro-bono attorney who helped with that, interviewed by Montana Gazette Radio. See here.

But unfortunately, we’re not done yet. This crossdresser is still suing me for 250k for “transphobia” (according to him).

I sent out an urgent plea for funds, and raised upwards of 20k from you supporters, because unlike the Town Pump incident (above) I don’t have a pro-bono attorney and apparently these guys are out for a pound of flesh. The truth is, we are the most conservative news outlet in Montana, which is why the former governor’s (D) chief legal counsel picked up the case. We thought it was pro-bono, but have since figured out they’re just trying to put Gideon Knox Group (which also runs The Insurgency) out of business. After raising money from you guys, if you remember, we had to fight Chase Bank to get your funds (we eventually did). But if we don’t get a summary judgment (and we sure should if the law matters) it should stop about 50k.

I hooked up the old (or new, actually) Gideon Knox Command Center, hit the road and raised another 15k dollars or so from speaking around the state. Here’s one of the cities I visited, and the entire point of the talk was about the LGBTQ. I’ll not surrender on this issue. Period.

In the above group, I was disinvited because some were scared of the LGBTQ, so we changed the venue to the John Birch Society and had an awesome turn-out. I have one more speaking tour to go before Montana becomes untraversable in Winter.

This is a 100k case. We’re suing back for Breach of Process (abusing the legal system), but I don’t think this guy’s repossessed bike is going to cover my expenses. The problem is, pro-bono attorneys like the ACLJ etc say I’m too good of a fundraiser to get pro-bono help (they have offered other help when the time comes, like national publicity, talk shows, etc to let the public know, which I appreciate, or to provide co-counsel to my attorney). Meanwhile, they know my attorney is a stinking shark and doesn’t play around.

In the meantime, we still have anywhere from 15k to 65k to go depending upon how this plays out (and we won’t know for at least 60 days (so we think). Despite my problems, pastors are being jailed in Canada, there are still fines against church in the U.S. for not closing during COVID (believe it or not) and there are persecuted Christians all over the world for not shutting their mouths.

So while we still have Giving Fuel (we changed from Chase bank to another processor), the safest way to give to support religious liberty is to give directly to our church’s religious liberty fund and it’s tax-deductible (so is Giving Fuel, by the way). But this way, we know there won’t be a hang-up if the SPLC or another group tags us for believing that men are men (or whatever is the faux pas of the hour).

Here’s the graphic for that.

Or, if you’re like me and don’t do checks (except for tithe, I don’t think I’ve written a check since 1999), you can text any numerical amount to 406-747-2231 and follow the prompts to give directly from your phone. It is also tax-deductible. Need a write-off, business folks? Here you go.

Guys, I have no idea how God is going to provide 65k out of thin air to my wonderful church to provide me (and others) the resources to defend our freedom of religion and speech in the court system. But I know he will. It could be a 65k of you giving a buck or it could be one person giving 65k. But we need the help. James 4 says “ye have not because you ask not,” so I’m asking. Rest assured this is not my ‘retired to the mountain fund.’ This is governed by our church financial stewardship board and will be used only to support free speech and free religion.

Because this is an ongoing matter of litigation, I’m limited as to what I can say. All I’ll say is – as pure metaphor, I put Raph Graybill (the fancy-pants attorney coming after me) on my trophy mount wall and I intend to win (don’t worry, it’s a metaphor).

I need God’s help to win this. And believe me, this could very well wind up in the United States Supreme Court. Please give generously. If you can give $1 do so, if you can give $65k, do so. It’s all on the line, right here, right now.

The theme of everywhere I spoke was from 1 Samuel 17:26, “Who is this uncircumcised Philistine that challenges the armies of the living God?” The LGBTQ are the Philistines in this analogy (Jesus is David). Please help. Thanks for listening.

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by JD Hall, Publisher MDG]


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