“Godfather” Guerilla Warfare-No One is Immune


“I arrived at this epiphany while talking with my wife. As we talked about how these vaccine mandates are extortion, she mentioned how in Colombia, the guerrillas (FARC – Marxist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) and criminals exhort Colombian citizens into paying for “protection” or else. And they use the term “vaccine” as a term for protection. The vaccinated are those who pay for said protection in payments that could be weekly, monthly, or yearly.

In rural [Colombian] areas, it is mainly the guerrillas and criminal gangs of paramilitary origin that are in charge of directly collecting the “vaccines,” the term used by Colombians to refer to extortion payments.” – BBC News Mundo

We have all seen the movies such as Godfather, where people are extorted for money to be “protected.” To be free to do what they want to do as long as they pay up.

That’s when it hit me, right now, we are paying for the “vaccine” by giving away our rights. We are being extorted with the promise of freedom if we comply. Or else, we go swimming with the fishes where the American vaccine mob will take away your right to buy, sell, receive an education, or who knows what else.”

Please read the full story here. This article (Op-Ed) was first published by RNHA and written by Dennison Rivera.


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