Afghan Refugee Arrested for Sexual Assault in Montana


A refugee from Afghanistan has been arrested for the rape of an 18 year-old girl in a Missoula, Montana hotel.

Zabihullah Muhmand, 19, was charged with sexual intercourse without consent on Tuesday, October 19th, and is being held on a $50,000 bond. Muhmand was granted parole status just a few months prior and was resettled into Montana by the U.S. State Department.

Governor Greg Gianforte addressed President Biden requesting he cease resettling Afghan refugees in Montana.

Governor Gianforte stated: “We support providing a home for our Afghan allies that have been fully vetted. We had a tragic situation with alleged sexual assault yesterday, with someone who arrived here in the state earlier this month. I called on the Biden Administration. This individual did not have an SIV status, and I called on the Biden Administration to assure us that these refugees are fully vetted. It’s not clear to us that that occurred in this situation. So, we’re asking the Biden Administration to halt the placement of refugees here until they can assure us that the people that are being placed, our allies being placed here, are fully vetted.”

Senator Steve Daines spoke on the issue, saying: “The fallout and consequences from President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan continue. While I support assisting our fully-vetted Afghan allies who served alongside our armed forces, President Biden has failed to provide answers as to who has come into the country or if they have been fully vetted according to what’s required by law.”

A screenshot from former representative Joel Krautter, attacking Rosendale for not wanting to accept “Biden-vetted refugees.” Krautter, who is somehow an appointee for Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks under Gianforte’s administration, is simultaneously suing Montanan to overturn HB702, protecting us from forced vaccinations.

Represenative Matt Rosendale criticized President Biden for sending Afghan nationals to Montana back in September. Rosendale was met with gross misrepresentations by the mainstream media, yet his concerns about the vetting process are now very real.

Muhmand is one of the 20 Afghan nationals resettled in Montana. In just a few short months, at least one young Montanan has been sexually assaulted by the refugees President Biden has shipped to Montana.

Gianforte has told critics that Afghan refugees have been “vetted.” The Montana Gazette has seen text messages from legislators, emploring him to deny them entry and take the side of Rep. Rosendale. After asking, “Governor, do you really believe the Biden Administration?” the representative never got a response.

MDG has reached out to Rosendale for comment.


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