VOTE YES! Giuseppe Caltabiano-Whitefish City Council-Honor Residents!


Giuseppe Caltabiano is a man of wisdom, strength, passion, service, and honor. His main goal, in turn, is to HONOR the residents of Whitefish by putting them first instead of the thousands of tourists who swarm Whitefish and are “taxing” the local residents. There’s a double wording there, but yes, Caltabiano is a proponent of taxing the tourists to take the incredible hardships which are imposed on local Whitefish residents.

Below is an excellent “Get to know “G-Man” article. It provides Caltabiano’s views on Housing, Climate Action Plan, Taxation, and Covid-19 Measures.

“I am running for City Council because I believe in the need for balance in our City Council and, most importantly, in HONORING THE RESIDENTS of our town. Representation is a pillar of my electoral mandate, and I desire to bring to the Council not my voice, but the voices of ALL CITIZENS of Whitefish.”

Caltabiano chose a POWERFUL acrostic of the word “W-H-I-T-E-F-I-S-H,” which he is using to draw attention to his focused goals.

“I am running for City Council TO HONOR THE RESIDENTS through 9 Areas of key representation:”

W-ise growth and budgeting

H-onor residents

I-nvolvement by the constituency

T-raffic streamline

E-nhance business environment

F-oster youth (our larger residents’ group)

I-mprove and preserve natural resource access.

S-upport the workforce and first responders


Caltabiano has a dynamite question/answer interview (video clip) which shows exactly why he’s a superb candidate for Whitefish City Council. You do NOT want to miss his outstanding presentation here.

Caltabiano has teamed up with Kristen Riter of Whitefish as his running mate. The two have very similar goals and values in hopes of preserving Whitefish and caring for the residents first and foremost. Here is an eye-opening expose on the “Gateway Project.”

The “Gateway Project” is an upper-level development that in NO WAY will serve the residents of Whitefish but rather in all ways will harm them. The dichotomy is the lack of workforce housing which is desperately needed!


We say no to the Gateway until we can answer the following questions:

How will we pay for ⁃ building the +$4 million fire station that will house 6? (developers are donating just the land!) ⁃ fire equipment and salaried staff? ⁃ additional police staff to service the growth in population? ⁃ Improvements and maintenance of Wisconsin? And how will we manage the impact on ⁃ nearby public beaches and parks? ⁃ our schools, libraries, utility services, and how will we ⁃ Create a second reliable emergency exit route out of Big Mountain Area. ⁃ Ensure that our residents’ voices are honored and heard? (A petition of 3600 people was collected.)

We need workforce housing like this – its density makes it affordable – Sadly, until now our City Council has made decisions on a case-by-case basis and depending on the pressure coming from selected public opinion and developers… It is time that we sit down, review the master plan, and start making decisions accordingly to the greater vision for our beautiful community. We are very concerned that this project will be rushed through. Please encourage the current Council to slow down the approval timeline of this project! VOTE G-MAN AND RITER TO PUSH THE PAUSE BUTTON!

Caltabiano and Riter are logical, wise, and thoughtful in their no-nonsense approach to serving the residents of Whitefish, Montana. Here is a clip of a citizen who believes in Caltabiano 100% and was recently interviewed by Montana Daily Gazette Publisher JD Hall, (PLEASE WATCH).

To reiterate, Caltabiano is wise, a man of honor seeking to lift up residents, hold the City Council accountable, and make sure that City matters remain City matters and not overreaching Government Agendas. He is exceptionally qualified and ready to tackle the task at hand.

Open Photo
Caltabiano, serves the community by flying Angel Flight patients (often children)

To learn more about Caltabiano and his intentions as a future Council Member click here and click here.

VOTE YES for Caltabiano in the current Whitefish City Council Election and do it quickly as time is short. Ballots are mail-in only, and the deadline is November 2nd.


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