Montana Murder Hornet Podcast: Is Gianforte to Blame for Aghani Raping Missoula Woman?


Pretty much everybody warned Governor Gianforte not to bring Afghani refugees to Montana. Instead, he ignored Rep. Matt Rosendale and Montana, and listened to Washington D.C. Within only days, they’ve raped a Missoula woman.

Is Gianforte partially to blame? Did conservative Montananans not see this coming? Is it fair to blame him for the actions of others? Why did he listen to Biden but not us?

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PS, JD loves govenor Gianforte. You won’t find liberals ask this question because they love 77 new Democrat voters in Missoula, rapists or not. You won’t find conservatives asking this question because it’s a Republican governor. You WILL find JD and Jim address this subject because, well, asking tough questions is what we do.


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