St. Peter’s Hospital Denies Proper Treatment to Elderly Covid Patient, Repeatedly Breaks the Law


Here’s the REAL STORY concerning the older woman in St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena who was admitted over two weeks ago and is still there.


A COVID-19 positive, elderly female arrived at St. Peter’s emergency room on the evening of Friday, 10/8, complaining of difficulty breathing. The individual’s oxygen and blood pressure were tested. The individual was told she was very healthy by the Doctor on call and was issued a nebulizer and instructed to go home and ride it out. The patient returned to the hospital on Sunday evening  10/10 with labored breathing. The patient was admitted to the hospital willingly and assigned a room. The patient indicated that Remdesivir (Veklury) and ventilation were not to be used on her hospital bracelet. The medical staff proceeded to pressure the patient to use Remdesivir at least three times- once by the assigned Doctor with a witness on the phone for a conference call with the patient on Monday, 10/11. The Witness heard the Doctor trying to convince the patient to take Remdesivir, and the patient expressed they did not want it. The Witness repeated the patient’s wishes not to administer Remdesivir. The Doctor was apparently agitated with the patient’s resistance to the drug. The patient initially begged for monoclonal therapy (which is a much safer therapy). Being that the patient was admitted on day 8 of infection, she was refused this therapy- with medical staff stating it would be ineffective. The patient further requested a prescription of Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, and the ability to take her supplements of Zinc, Vit D, Vit C, and herbal respiratory capsules. The request for Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine was denied.

A family member delivered a supplement case with vitamins to the patient’s attending nurse. The nurse confiscated the supplement pill case- without informing the patient- and supplementation was denied. Upon admission to the hospital, the patient was given 6L supplemental oxygen. This was increased to 8L of oxygen the following day. On Monday, 10/10, the patient was increased to 15L of supplemental oxygen, was feeling very fatigued, but was lucid and eating meals and drinking fluids. A family member and friend delivered the patient’s supplement case with vitamins and herbs in it. This was confiscated by the nurse without notifying the patient. 

For days, an elderly GOP advocate has been ailing in the St. Peters’ Hospital in Helena. Despite pleas from the patient, her family, patient advocate, and others, the hospital has refused her treatment of choice. It appears they want her in the hospital, are refusing her treatments, and want her to become a COVID-19 statistic. And instead, they’re abusing the patient, refusing to speak to her power-of-attorney, family, and trying to have them forcefully removed from the hospital.

They said they ‘followed the science and standard protocols issued by the University of Utah’ and ‘we do what they do (U 0f U)’. When asked why the hospital would not treat patients with individual autonomy and would only treat with a standardized protocol regardless of efficacy or reaction when applied to the patient? The medical staff responded by stating ‘because we are uncomfortable’ and under no circumstances would veer from what they felt was best for the patient. When asked for scientific data that Ivermectin would have an adverse reaction in a COIVD-19 patient, none could be provided. Dr. Anglim (St.Pete’s infectious Disease) stated “I would direct you to the NIH at, the CDC and IDS at”. The Witness stated ‘It is your job as the educated doctor making executive decisions to deny a patient their prescriptions and specific protocols for COVID-19 based on ‘science’- not the family members and friends and proceeded to request that such scientific basis and data be presented in writing.


The head of Infectious Disease at St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena, Dr. Anne Anglim, lied concerning the use of FDA-approved Ivermectin for Covid-19. Anglim stated in a conference with a lawyer from the Attorney General’s office- along with the patient’s sister, and a family advocate, with Dr. Mark Kreisberg, and Administrator of the Day, Theresa Danielson, along with the attending nurse, that the drug-Ivermectin-“was not FDA approved for Covid-19 use” because it is “potentially harmful, infective, and unsafe.” Anglim also falsely stated that there are no studies showing any proof that Ivermectin is effective in treating Covid-19.” Dr. Kreisberg declared that he “wasn’t comfortable using Ivermectin in the hospital.” To be clear the Attorney General’s office did not call the hospital at this time during this conference call- but rather the family advocate called the AG’s office to clarify exactly what the patient’s rights were. That’s where the call initiated.

The opposite is true as Ivermectin was FDA approved in the United States as a drug for Covid-19 usage in July of 2021 as seen here, but as there are no financial kickbacks to hospitals- when the drug Ivermectin is administered but only when Remdesivir (Veklury) is used, which is classified as a “new treatment drug” there is an initial GDP payment from the federal government and an additional 20% kickback add on payment (read here and here) and make special note of the incredibly toxic side effects of Remdesivir, including renal kidney failure. According to the NIH, there are side effects to this drug, although Ivermectin has no known negative side effects. Remdesivir is the “financial key” that opens the door for additional payouts for other treatments and services. It is the Pandora’s Box of medicines. Remdesivir was FDA approved for Covid-19 in October 2020, but with it comes cash, despite potentially deadly side effects.

Essentially, there is a potential cure for the symptoms of COVID-19, which already existed prior to COVID-19, and require no Emergency Use Authorization Drugs. It has been in use for decades, with no known side effects. In short, there’s everything to gain for a COVID-19 patient and nothing to lose.

Nurses in Flathead County stated, “At least 30 percent of people on Remdesivir have kidney failure” and another declared, “Remdesivir drowns its patients and causes total organ failure.” Why Remdesivir? Ironically the Federal Government entered into a multi-million dollar purchase agreement in October of 2020 with Gilead Sciences in California-the manufacturer of Remdesivir. Europe entered into a one billion dollar deal with the same company two weeks earlier. The drug “Remdesivir received its FDA approval for Covid -19 use immediately following the Federal purchase agreement with the drug’s manufacturer. Please read here about a Flathead resident who was very mistreated and forced to take harmful Remdesivir.

A rural Montana doctor revealed, “Remdesivir has a 54% mortality rate when used for Covid-19 and that rate is increased by 15% when used in conjunction with Dexamethasone (an anti-inflammatory drug) which is also FDA approved for Covid-19.”

Simply stated, Hospitals such as St. Peters in Helena put monetary dollars over patients’ lives-such as the older woman who is still in the hospital and denied Ivermectin even though she has refused Remdesivir. Hospital staff tried to talk her into taking the toxic drug three times against her and her family’s wishes. Her hospital bracelet clearly states, “NO Remdesivir-NO Vent.”

A close family friend who has been an intricately detailed advocate for the distressed elderly victim shared on the woman’s behalf,

“However, if a sweet, elderly patient in Helena, Montana (known by most in the Republican Party) – infected with COVID-19- dares to request Ivermectin- or to be able to simply take her legal prescription from her Doctor, the hospitals cry ‘Never! Such Abuse! Harassment! Intimidation! Call the police! Isolate her and ban her family from the hospital!” So, why the hysteria? Answer: They don’t get the cash.

Many Montana hospital patients have died, potentially, from the standard treatment protocols administered by Montana hospitals and practitioners. Media outlets have blamed COVID-19 associated deaths on the unvaccinated, the governor, and non-masking…but never the treatment protocols. No one seems to look at what happens to the patient when they are admitted to the hospital.  Patients go into the hospital. Many recover…And many come out in body bags. What medications are these patients given? What are their side effects? What standard treatments are applied? Who decides what protocols we can have? What is the survivability rate if you accept hospital care vs. riding it out at home or taking alternative medications from your Primary Care Provider? Do the hospitals and the federal government have the final say over which protocols work, which are safe and effective, and allegedly approved? Does a hospital administrator, Doctor, or nurse trump the expertise of primary care doctors curing COVID-19 cases daily in their own private practices?”

The patient advocate continued, “Recently, many patients are fed up and blowing the whistle, which makes one wonder why are they doing this? What gives the medical industry and hospitals the right to deny patient input and choice, isolate families, intimidate and abuse patients and family members, inflict fear, and command law enforcement to do their bidding at the drop of a hat?”

Patients and family members have been threatened and intimidated by law enforcement and medical staff- banned from hospitals for trying to find out what is going on with their loved ones, denied the right to visit and comfort their family members in person well after the contagious period- and patients are being denied their requests to go home or have access to their prescriptions and any alternative treatments.

Thus was the case at St. Peter’s in Helena.

One outlet wrote, “A 57-year-old woman and legal holder of the medical Power of Attorney for a patient in the St. Peter’s hospital in Helena, Montana was removed by two officers of the Helena PD from St. Peter’s hospital and banned from reentering- simply for asking the Doctor why her mother, (the patient), had been moved to a different room and inquiring about an alleged ‘new infection’ that was of concern. The attending physician, Dr. Perry, stated he did not want to speak to her- and would only speak to a different relative of the patient who resides out of state- against the patient’s instructions.


The daughter explained calmly that her mother had appointed her as the Power of Attorney and primary contact. The Doctor proceeded to yell at her, telling her he did not have to talk to her at all and demanding that she leave the hospital. The woman stated that she would like to request a “new doctor” be assigned to her mother’s care who would listen to her. The Doctor became infuriated and called Helena’s police to remove the woman from the hospital. Subsequently, she was harassed by the hospital security and two police officers, who took no interest in her side of the story. They did not honor their oath to protect and serve the citizen.

The wealthy corporation called- and LE came running to remove a calm, innocent citizen- exhausted from trying to simply find out if her mother was alright and see her face through the room window. The patient had reached out for help via text and phone calls multiple times to friends and family expressing that she wanted ‘go home – and the hospital still refuses to release the patient and on multiple occasions told the patient to ‘ rest and stop texting and calling the family.” The patient was denied the opportunity to take her legally prescribed medications from her primary care doctor, denied her supplements, and all requested alternative medications by the hospital.”

The families advocate had more to share, “Dr. Anne Anglim- head of infectious disease at St. Peter’s hospital stated, ‘Look, we take our orders from the University of Utah. We do what they do.’ 

What if St. Peter’s and other hospitals are actually taking their marching orders from suits in Washington for profit- without consideration for patient rights and alternative treatments that just might work?  Even if a patient reacts negatively or dies, the hospitals will stick to the out-of-state orders for federally-approved and subsidized treatments? 


Concerned and advocating family members are being removed from hospitals at the demands of tyrannical medical staff and carried out by complicit law enforcement – for simply asking questions and trying to advocate for their patient’s care. When powerful corporations can weaponize the press and law enforcement against suffering patients and grieving family members who dare to question the ‘one-size-fits-all’ COVID-19 treatment protocols, it begs the question ‘What are hospitals afraid of? What do they have to gain by threatening patients and forcing them to adhere to a standardized, failing protocol?”

The answer is Money.

Covid-19 treatment is big money IF one follows the prescribed course of ‘hospital’ treatment but not if one veers off into other more effective and, yes, less harmful treatments like (you guessed it, Ivermectin.) As the documents above show, only certain “drugs” pay profits to hospitals. What is especially frightening is when certain drugs are used in combinations within hospital protocol for Covid 19, the toxicity is raised dramatically.

“In layman’s terms, hospitals and healthcare providers receive money from the federal government if they ‘stick to the plan’ and only administer COVID-19 vaccinations and specific, federally-approved drugs and related treatments and services. As the time-proven adage states: Follow the Money. For the studious who love to investigate further, the money trail concerning what hospitals receive is endless, as seen here and here.

This next paragraph blows the whole “St. Peter’s case” out of the water.

From a Montana Daily Gazette source…

“After the initial DRG payment is made to the hospital, the patient has to ‘stay long enough and be administered ONLY the approved protocol to rack up a bill high enough to kick in the reimbursement and incentive increases (NCTAP/NTAP) to the hospital from the government.  The longer the patient stays in the hospital, the more federal payments are received. Federal bonus payments will not be applied if the patient deviates from the approved drugs or authorized ‘new treatment’ protocols for COVID-19.

For example, according to protocols promoted by Dr. Anne Anglim- head of Infectious Disease and  Dr. Mark Kreisberg- Hospitalist- at St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena, MT, a standardized, approved COVID-19 treatment plan at St. Peter’s hospital in Helena, MT, is Remdesivir (Veklury), Lovenox (blood thinner), Dexamethasone (DexPak. for inflammation) oxygen and ventilation (if necessary), etc. The administration and these physicians, however, claim that other alternatives for COVID-19 such as Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, or Vaso Active Intestinal Peptides are not FDA approved for SARS-CoV-2 and would be ‘potentially harmful, and have not proven to be effective.” 

The patient and family members informed the nurses and Doctor that the patient had been issued a prescription from the patient’s primary care doctor for Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as the Doctor had consistent success with expedited recovery of COVID-19 positive patients on this protocol. The patient’s family member and a witness brought the prescriptions to the hospital and requested they be administered. A conference was initiated by the hospital staff. The Doctor in charge of the COVID floor at the time (Dr. Mark Kreisberg- Hospitalist), the head of infectious disease (Dr. Anne Anglim), the Administrator of the Day (Theresa Danielson), and the patient’s attending nurse (Jennifer Tanner, RN, BSN, CCRN) informed the patient and family members that the hospital would not allow her access to her prescriptions and would not administer another drug. When asked ‘why?’ They proceeded to state that it was ‘potentially harmful and unsafe, was not FDA approved for COVID-19 treatment, and had not shown to be effective in COVID-19 cases’.

The medical staff claimed these out-of-country stories and personal accounts were purely ‘anecdotal’ but, in turn, could not provide any specific cases, data, or evidence that Ivermectin would be harmful or ineffective for a COVID-19 patient. The medical staff was aggressive and adamant that they would ‘never’ administer Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine or allow anyone of their staff to do so and they were ‘offended’ that we were calling into question their expertise. The attorney noted that the doctors and nurses were contractors and asked if any one of them felt comfortable administering the medication, would the Doctor or nurse be allowed to? Dr. Anglim stated that she didn’t feel that any of them would feel comfortable. The attorney stated that the attending nurse was in the conference and it seemed that Dr. Anglim was intending to intimidate the staff as their superior to influence their independent right to decide. This upset the Dr. who replied that she would not bow to political pressure or threat from any office and that the hospital follows their own policies. 

The attorney then appealed to the staff to allow the patient access to her already prescribed medications from her primary Doctor if they would not prescribe them. The Dr. explained that any experimental drug had to have undergone FDA-approved trials for COVID-19 to administer it for that condition and the patient only had 3 options. These include to 1) Stay in the hospital, unable to see family, and take the only protocol they would offer, to 2) be discharged from their care and leave the hospital in her infectious condition to take her prescriptions outside of the hospital or 3) to have her out-of-area Primary care physician travel hours to the hospital and administer the drug under emergency authorization and stay in the area for several days to continue personally administering the medications to fulfill the complete ivermectin cycle. None of these options were practical or realistic. When no compromise could be reached, the attorney simply stated to the witness ‘If they are not willing to consider any options, it seems there is nothing else that can be done here.’ The call was ended.


A former Senator was called to witness the further conversation with Dr. Anglim and the family member in the waiting room. The former Senator simply expressed concern for the patient and stated that the hospital was denying the patient her prescription, supplements, and, evidently, her constitutional right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The former public servant noted that the patient was a high-risk, elderly patient that had a right to life- a right to try to live and use drugs under the Right to Try Act. Dr. Anglim would not consider any other options but her protocol and told the former Senator that she didn’t appreciate being intimidated. The former senator expressed that they were not intimidating anyone, only trying to get the hospital to honor the patient’s requests for her prescription and to do the right thing with individualized care- ‘She is an older woman. She just wants to have her medications and be given the right to live and choose her treatment,’ he said.

Chest X-rays and body scans had been conducted that day – showing no blood clots present and the patient still refused Remdesivir when asked again. The Witness and family member, at the request of the patient, had been given medical power of attorney for the family member to be appointed that night in case the patient went unconscious and could not advocate for herself. The family member tried multiple times to get the attending nurse to bring the paperwork to the patient. Each time, the attending nurse- and new nurses at shift changes- were asked to please bring the paperwork to the patient. The request was ignored and the papers remained on the nurse’s station counter. When asked 4 hours later again, the nurse said ‘actually I need a special doctor to come down and I need to be in there to oversee her filling it out. The Power of Attorney is between the patient and family member to discuss and does not need the approval of a physician to fill out. The family member and witnesses were instructed to leave the patient’s hallway and wait in the family waiting room until it could be signed. The family member was then informed that they had filled out the paperwork wrong and a new one would need to be filled out by the patient. A blank copy was provided in the late evening but still had not been taken into the patient’s room by the nurse. 


At approximately 8:00 pm on Monday 10/11, The patient had eaten dinner and informed the family by text and phone calls that she wanted to go home and to try to find out if oxygen tanks could be set up in her home so she could be discharged and be able to take her prescription medications. At this time, the family member and witness informed the attending nurse and Dr. Mark Kreisberg that patient wished to take option 2 and be discharged to go home so that she could take her prescription medications. They said, “Ok we will get started on the process.” They further communicated that they would provide oxygen equipment to take home and a ‘team’ would follow the Witness and the patient to her home to set up the equipment and make sure she was situated safely.

The family member went to purchase dinner and the “witness” remained in the family waiting room. The witness noticed Dr.Kreisberg go into the patient’s room around 9:30 pm for approximately 15-20 minutes followed by a technician wheeling in two large oxygen tanks into the room.  The patient stated in a text to a friend- “The Dr. came in at 10:00 pm and said I could only have 18L of oxygen (to go home) and that I would die (If I leave)! Is there no private oxygen company in Helena I can get more oxygen from?'” In short, the hospital refused to give her the oxygen to live!

At around 10:00 pm Dr. Anglim, Dr. Kreisberg, Administrator of the Day, Theresa Danielson, and the attending nurse entered the family room and Dr. Kreisberg bluntly asked ‘Who are you anyway?” the witness stated, ‘A friend who is not leaving until I make sure (the patient) is alright’ and would get a daughter on the phone who was located out of state so that a family member could be in the conference. The patient’s daughter was patched in on the phone and Dr. Kreisberg stated that ‘the patient has expressed no intention of going home and wants to stay (an absurd and proveably untrue statement). According to the doctor, she has “taken a turn for the worse and cannot leave. Her oxygen has doubled from 15L to 30L and she will not make it through the night if she goes home. She will not make the car ride home.”

The daughter and the witness were baffled as she was doing well enough to go home just 2 hours earlier and had expressed to multiple family members that she wanted to go home to take her medication. The daughter inquired what had suddenly happened to change plans? Dr. Kreisberg said her breathing became more difficult, the patient was anxious and very exhausted and that she had become suddenly worse and could die.

The daughter wanted to know what medications she had been given. The doctor stated she was on Dexamethasone, breathing treatment, and high-pressure oxygen- but had not been given Remdesivir or Lovenox and no blood clots were present at that time. The attending nurse said the patient probably needed Lovenox (a blood-thinner). The witness stated that the patient had requested not to be put on blood thinners at the advice of her primary care doctor unless there was blood clotting present- and at this point the scans were clear.

The nurse became very angry and yelled ‘don’t tell me how to do my job! I’ve been doing this for 20 years. Get her out of here. Call security! I’m done with this!” And stormed out yelling for security. The witness asked ‘for what??’ For asking a question?” The Administrator of the Day rolled her eyes at the witness and waved her hand and walked out saying ‘you will need to leave’. When the other family member returned from getting dinner, they were told sarcastically by the Administrator of the Day that security needed to escort us out and that if ‘you have forgotten where the door is, they can show you.

There was no compassion or care in telling the family member that the patient had taken a turn for the worse, could now suddenly die in the night, the Power of Attorney would not be taken into her to fill out until the following day so ‘she can rest’ and ‘security will walk you out’. The elderly family member was stunned and very intimidated by the threatening, bazaar behavior and quickly proceeded to walk out. 

The family member was still unable to get a POA signed the next morning Tuesday 10/12. The patient’s other daughter arrived from out of town that afternoon and was not allowed up to the floor to see her mother through the window or to get the POA signed. After waiting with no communication for several hours, calls to attorneys and the police for help, a highway patrol officer was sent by the Attorney General’s office at the request of the family member to investigate the situation. The daughter filed a police report stating criminal code 45- for unlawful restraint and isolation of family. The hospital then had retracted their offer to provide oxygen equipment for the patient to go home on Tuesday 10/12 and told the family that they would have to find it from an outside provider on their own time and the patient was being sustained at 30L of oxygen and could not leave until she was back down to 18L. The patient had also requested a Vitamin C Drip which was denied. She also requested Vaso Active Intestinal Peptide treatment (VIP) but was told that such a program would not be conducive to her age bracket. She requested to be switched from Dexymethasone to an alternative such as Prednisone or Budesonide (corticosteroid approved for Asthma but not COIVD-19 specifically as a breathing treatment) which was also denied.

It took 3 days of waiting and inquiring to the hospital, for the POA to finally be allowed to be signed by the patient and her daughter. It was not until Wednesday morning 10/13 that the daughter was given a verified copy of the POA and allowed to go up to the floor to just look in the window and see her mother. Updates about her mother’s care were sporadic and vague. The doctor would not speak to the family members or return calls promptly. The nurse requested set times for updates 2 times per day- morning and early evening- but only with the patient’s other daughter out of state. The nurse reported on Wed. 10/13 that the patient’s D-dimer levels were very elevated at 7 indicating possible micro-blood clotting of the lungs- even though no clots were visible in any scans- and the very weak patient agreed to the blood thinners. Her condition turned worse (as the patient suspected they would) and she was still at 30L of oxygen with levels varying between 83-94%. Oxygen levels dipped when she was eating and when she was sleeping on her back. When rotated to the side or onto her stomach she did better. The patient was excessively tired and sleeping long hours. 

On Thursday 10/14, at day 10 of infection, the patient went silent for most of the day and the family was not getting sufficient updates from the nurse or doctor. A later status update from the nurse was that the patient was very tired and having difficulty breathing and getting up to go the bathroom and had been advised not to text or call family so she could rest. The family member stated that this was not okay and needed to be able to communicate with their mother. Over the next few days, texts and calls were little to none from the patient. Updates were not very positive, with the doctor and nurses saying she was not doing well but few details other than ‘she needs to rest and is tired.’ No family was allowed up to see her and the hallway had been blocked off. The patient’s oxygen levels remained in the 85%-95% range but still on 30L of oxygen. The patient’s condition didn’t seem to improve over the week. On Saturday 10/16 the patient text a friend to ask if there had been any luck finding an outside source of oxygen equipment for her to go home. Family members continued to work on this option and proactively set up a hospital bed at the patient’s home- but the hospital would not release her at 30L of oxygen. On Monday 10/18 the daughter with the power of attorney tried to speak with a nurse about getting oxygen options at the patient’s home and what the hospital plan is to reduce the patient’s oxygen levels so she can go home. 

The daughter went to the hospital to try again to see her mother and find answers. The hallway had since been unblocked. When she went up to the floor waiting room by the elevators to talk to her sister on the phone, a nurse called in on the phone to give the daily stats on her mother. The nurse informed her that the patient had incurred a secondary lung infection. The daughter walked down the hallway and up to the window of the patient’s room to try to look in at her mother. The patient was not in the room. She asked a nurse where her mother had gone and was told that they had changed her room. The doctor on rotation, Dr. Perry, walked up to her and she introduced herself as the patient’s daughter. She ask why the patient’s room was changed and asked about the new infection that had apparently occurred. He asked, ‘who are you again?” The family member repeated she was the patient’s daughter. He said ‘I don’t want to talk to you” I only talk to “[patient’s name]”who was another family member located out of state. The daughter explained that the patient had appointed her as the patient’s medical Power of Attorney to advocate for her care.  He said ‘I don’t care. I will only talk to “[patient’s name]”.

The physician would not talk to the daughter and stated aggressively that she needed to leave. She asked ‘why?’ He said he didn’t have to speak to her and was ‘calling security’. The family member stated she would like a change of physician care at that point. He became highly agitated ‘I’m calling security! Leave this hospital now” and walked away behind the nurse’s station without answering the daughter’s questions.

A security guard named Edward came up to the COVID-unit and asked the family member to leave the hospital. The family member had her phone out and the security guard said ‘Recording is not allowed in the hospital’. The family member felt intimidated and put the phone down. Two Officers from the Helena Police Department came up to the floor and started confronting the family member, did not ask her what had happened, but instructed the 57-year-old woman to leave immediately at the request of the hospital. The family member informed the officers that she had medical Power of Attorney and was the only family member that was there to advocate for the patient and needed to find out about her mother’s status. They said ‘we need to escort you out now. Police officer #91, by the name of Brittany, intimidatingly stood behind the woman’s back as if she were standing by to restrain her to which the woman asked why she was doing that- stating she had done absolutely nothing wrong other than asking about her mother’s care. She felt as if she were being treated like a criminal.

The abusive, threatening medical staff were being protected by law enforcement- simply because they seemed to have more power and connections. Officer #742, Andrew Mohr, also escorted her from the hospital and ‘thanked’ her for not resisting. Once outside, the patient’s daughter asked to file a police report against the hospital for harassing her and unlawfully isolating her mother past the contagious period and refusing to let her see her in person and to verify the patient was receiving proper care and not being restrained or pressured to stay in the hospital. Officer Mohr took down her report and told her she could not go back to the hospital even though she was the only advocate with a POA. The police report notes that the woman left the hospital willingly without resistance.

The woman proceeded to drive to the Helena Police Dept to ask a supervising officer for help. Lt. Randy Ranalli for help getting back into the hospital. She told him what had occurred and filled out a form 770 – an incident statement mentioning that the woman would try to contact a hospital caseworker, named Jody, for assistance. The patient’s daughter called and spoke with Jody who stated that she could not be of assistance and there was nothing she could do. The hospital told her that the woman was not to be allowed back into the hospital- leaving her elderly mother with no one outside who was a family advocate with a legal Power of Attorney. The patient texted friends and family asking for help to get her daughter back into the hospital and was apparently upset by the treatment of her family and her isolation from any in-person contact. She called the county sheriff’s office for help and was told it was not their jurisdiction [Editor’s Note: The hell isn’t it].

The daughter filed a complaint on the St. Peter’s website on Monday 10/18. On Tuesday morning a staff member from patient relations named Jennifer called at 9:00 am to inquire what happened. The patient’s daughter reviewed the incident and requested to speak with the President of the hospital, Wade Johnson. Jennifer with patient relations denied to forward her through but said she would forward a message. No response was received from the President of the hospital. The patient’s daughter called Jennifer back Tuesday 10/19 to follow up with no response.  On Wednesday on 10/20, the patient’s daughter called Jody, the patient’s caseworker, to request help again. Jody stated that she would try to walk down to Jennifer’s office to find out what was going on. Jennifer called the patient’s daughter back in the afternoon on Wednesday 10/18 and stated that the patient’s daughter would not be allowed back in the hospital unless her mother’s condition was imminently terminal. 

On 10/20 Wednesday, the patient was moved to a more intensive care room and put on a C-PAP with higher oxygen flow. She was texting frequently and even talking on the phone at times- expressing that she wanted to go home and was feeling much better. However, the hospital staff remained intent on keeping her on oxygen and at St. Peter’s, stated she had secondary infections and now kidney problems. The patient still will not be administered her prescribed medications by the hospital, however, as of 10/21, the patient reported that the hospital is now administering Vitamin C and Vitamin D- for which she is very grateful. 


On Thursday morning 10/21, the attending nurse called the patient’s other daughter in Kansas to give the daily stats- still refusing to go through the patient’s desired communication channels in speaking only with her daughter who holds power of attorney. The nurse informed the daughter in Kansas that the patient was now experiencing kidney problems. The attending physician, Dr. Perry, decided that he will now only speak with a son of the patientagainst the patient’s instructions, and now not either daughter- just because he wants to ignore the patient’s wishes and share private medical information with unauthorized family members [mutlitiple laws have been broken here]. The patient wrote a note the morning of 10/21 to Dr. Perry, delivered by a nurse, demanding that her daughter be allowed back into the hospital to advocate for her and visit her. The patient is still on Dexamethasone, Lovenox, -Vitamin D & C pick line-, Pepto-bismal, Aspirin, 2 Anti-biotics for secondary infections, and high-pressure oxygen. Why would the patient need all of these drugs since entering the hospital? The answer is because Dexamethasone can frequently cause severe side effects such as adrenal insufficiency, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, congestive heart failure, infections, Stomach ulcers, swollen legs, anxiety, Unusual tiredness, nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, swelling (edema), headache, dizziness, mood changes, such as depression, shifts in mood, or personality changes, trouble falling asleep, low potassium levels (causing symptoms such as tiredness), high blood glucose, high blood pressure, glaucoma, cataracts, unusual dizziness, unusual digestive upset, kidney stress, blood in urine, unusual bleeding or bruising, trouble sleeping, dizziness when standing, etc. 

All medications used for breathing treatments come with similar risks. However, Dexamethasone is approved for use with COIVD-19. It does seem that it could be potentially challenging for medical staff to accurately assess the real status of a COVID-19 patient’s health when pharmaceutical side effects- that mirror COIVD-19 symptoms- are caused by the very treatment they are administering- such as lung infections, shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, dizziness, excessive tiredness, nausea, vomiting, etc.

The older patient could very well be experiencing extended breathing issues as a result of “Dexamethasone. She was denied Avipital in a nebulizer when she requested it.

This latest update is from Friday, October 22nd.

Most recently, the patient “was having kidney problems and extreme fatigue, so the family requested she is taken off Dexamethasone yesterday. The hospital took her the drug along with her antibiotics. They then proceeded to put her on some other medication – steroid- without notifying the Power of Attorney and the older woman had an allergic reaction with her face swelling up and her eyes swelling shut!. A family member noticed when they came to look in on her from the window where the hospital workers attending her declared, “Oh, it’s just the mask she’s been wearing for the CPAP.” The alarmed family member exclaimed NO! That is an allergic reaction! The hospital staff then admitted they had put her on a different steroid and had given her Benadryl (to stop the swelling due to allergic reaction) prior. They KNEW. The family is still actively trying to get their mother a home oxygen source to get her out of there!”

The patient and the family desperately want her home. Here is a statement from the patient herself…

“The law of the land lies in our Montana Legislature- and with the passage of Dr. Olszewski’s “Right to Try Bill”- signed into Law by Governor Bullock in 2015. I have a right to pursue my means of healthcare that have been legally made available to me in my quest to save my life- Including Ivermectin and Hydroxycholorquine”.

Do not be deceived by the liberal media such as the Helena Independent Record. Ivermectin IS FDA approved; the elected officials aren’t the ones threatening or hassling anyone, as the record here shows, nor is Austin Knudsen the bad guy. It’s the other way around with a corrupt hospital seeking money in whatever means they can. Anyone who questions them in any way is cast out of the hospital and treated as an infidel.

Do not pay attention to articles that intend to paint our highly capable and ethical Attorney General in a negative light such as this one. Knudsen, as usual, is involved to make sure the family is safe, and as the real story has now been revealed it’s obvious why the AG sent out a state trooper.

Recently the Helena IR reported on this story but got much of it dead wrong. Ivermectin is FDA approved as of this past July. It was the doctors harassing the family and others not the other way around; Ivermectin is not difficult to get filled by Pharmacies throughout the state. In their usual sloppy journalism, they simply do not have the real story. Helena IR did not bother to reach out to the family but went ahead with their hit piece without knowing the facts.

The only news outlet that has the REAL STORY via several first-hand accounts is Montana Daily Gazette.

[Publisher’s Note: I am not the journalist of this story, and I believe that keeping the patient’s identity confidential is (A) her right and (B) a crying shame. I know the patient, and she is genuinely one of the kindest, sharpest people I have ever met. May God help her, and may God bring justice to the hospital that has so mistreated both the patient and her family – JD]


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  1. So again it seems like an important message of this piece to do what we can to not catch Covid and not spread it to others. And to do the things that would help us not have to get so sick. It is true that the vax will reduce the symptoms and severity of the virus. Some people are getting horribly sick from Covid. The Covid patient tends to have multiple organ system involvement and they are tough to manage. Hospital policy which severely limits visitation are common but not very helpful to families and patients who need their love and advocacy. This is true for non-Covid patients also, they have extremely limited contact with family. It is frustrating to be on the outside and not at the bedside. I’m sorry for this gal and her family this must be a tough time.

    • if you read the entire article it shares how the treatment is killing people and a combination of “FDA approved treatments must follow the money. also where i live at least 10 folks i know of have died from the experimental injections. hospitals here are harming people greatly via remdesivir and especially in combination w dex…verified by doctor quotes and nurses quotes within…very very dangerous

      • My unfortunate brother got the jab in order to travel as he wished. He contracted pulmonary fibrosis and will be on oxygen 24/7 for the rest of his life.
        Oh, and he’s forbidden to travel.

    • Correction. Fauci & Pfizer claimed that two doses of the vax are 98% safe and 100% effective in reducing the severity of the virus. However, it’s a fact that these two doses are not enough, and people who received two doses but not a booster are not protected against the virus. It’s also a fact confirmed by the VAERS reporting system that the vax is found not to be as safe as it was advertised, even without considering long-term effects that are yet to be discovered. In normal circumstances, when a company fails to deliver a product according to a product description, a failed product is recalled. In normal circumstances, we would expect FDA to halt vaccinations and concentrate efforts on early treatments (such as ivermectin protocol that was proven to work in India and several European countries). Instead, Biden’s administration pushes booster and enforces vaccines designed for older and high-risk populations on young people and children. For children, the chances of dying or getting severely sick from the vax are at least 100 times higher than dying or getting severely ill from covid. Don’t you see that something very wrong is going in this country? And ‘anti-vaxes’ are not the reason for all this wrong.

  2. St Peter’s Health is out of line and out of control. My family has been instructed to NEVER have me admitted there. I hope this case goes to court and all those involved in the elder and family abuse are stripped of their credentials.
    Politics is not science, neither is wealth accumulation. Fauci’s nearing the end of his reign of terror and will hopefully have an end like Mengele.
    God help this family and especially the mom.

    • “Politics is not science”. Yet a politician weighed in on this patient’s medial treatment.
      “Wealth is not science”, yet a wealthy donor and her family used their leverage to get a politician to weigh in on this woman’s medical treatment.

  3. We begged them to try alternative therapy, they refused, they refuse even to use methods that had helped her breathe, some of the breathing treatments and now my mom is dead and my family is in shambles.

  4. You guys don’t know a thing. There is ZERO evidence that ivermectin works for covid-19. However, there is plenty of evidence that shows the vaccine works! Regardless, this poor patient got covid because she was not vaccinated. Physicians follow EVIDENCE BASED MEDICINE to make their decisions, not Facebook. So she and her family wanted ivermectin, which the medical staff refused to order. Good for them. Anyways, this lady and her family, who were donors to the GOP, pulled some strings and had them make some phone calls to the physicians. Where did Knudsen get his license to practice medicine? Oh, wait, he doesn’t have one. AND NEITHER DOES THE PATIENT OR HER FAMILY


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