7k Metals-Gold and Silver at Cost with Extraordinary Additional Benefits.


What exactly is 7k Metals?

7k metals is a phenomenal company with so many benefits and especially now at this crucial time in history. 7k metals is a two-fold business meaning one can buy gold, silver, and platinum at cost and enjoy the benefits of creating a profitable business via offering memberships to future associates.

The Best Gold and Silver Company!

When Montana Daily Gazette interviewed Patriot-and Gold and Silver advocate- Karla Johnson- why she loves her company, she had nothing but great things to share.

MDG: Karla, how do these products and the company enhance your life?

Karla: This company helps create generational wealth, which is so important and especially now. It also creates passive, residual income as well and is affordable; anyone can own gold and silver! We also offer platinum at wholesale price.

MDG: It sounds like a hedge against inflation.

Karla: It’s a wonderful way to beat inflation, and gold and silver are international money. Gold and silver are bought and sold worldwide.

MDG: How pressing or timely is your product?

Karla: Now is the PERFECT time to join 7k Metals. Gold and silver are a hedge against poor governmental decisions as we are witnessing a potential economic collapse. Unfortunately, history tends to repeat itself. The dollar is quickly failing, and this is a way to transfer fiat paper into a valuable currency of gold and silver.

Financial Security

MDG: What’s the best way for folks to become quickly involved.

Karla: Below is a scan code to my personal company site. As soon as one becomes a member, that person can immediately purchase gold and silver (and platinum) at wholesale prices. As a 7k Associate, I desire to help people take control of their financial future. I have been involved with this reputable company for over two years now, and I love it.

Plan wisely-the future is NOW.

MDG: Karla, is there anything else you’d care to add?

Karla: I just wanted to share that there are so many things about 7k that are profitable and lucrative. We offer collectible coins, gold, and silver at cost, our Certification Program, our referral element, and so, so many perks. The video clip below and extended clips explain so much about our incredible company!

Watch and listen to this video clip to learn more about this excellent company and its many advantages.

To visit Karla’s website and join 7k metals, scan the code below.

To join 7K Metals today, scan the code, then scroll to the bottom and click “GET STARTED.” You will be able to enjoy all membership benefits!


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