As Montana Daily Gazette Grows to #1, We Are Adding, Changing Staff


As the Legacy Press (print newspapers) are dying at a record pace, the Billings Gazette is laying off its newsroom and editors, the Great Falls Tribune is up for sale (good luck), and the newspapers of Western Montana are consolidating their printing, Montana Daily Gazette is riding a rocketship into the stratosphere. These out-of-state owned publications aren’t even printing in the communities they cover, which is perhaps why they don’t seem to write news for Montanans – but for out-of-state liberals. But, Montana Daily Gazette is Montana owned and operated and beating the daylights out of publications like the Billings Gazette.

The solution for the Billings Gazette has been to unionize (death spiral). The solution for fake blogs like the Montana Post has been to close. Another publication, operated and funded out of Washington D.C., includes Montana in the name – the Daily Montanan – and was brought in to compete with the Montana Daily Gazette. Not only will it be gone in two years, as our previous article has covered, but it has also failed to pick up a penance of our readership.

In the meantime, we have grown from what Don Pogreba at Montana Post (now dead, and he has moved to a deep blue state) “a pink slime website” that wouldn’t be around long. Heck, even a local “Republican” called us a “blog” masquerading as a news site in a letter to the editor trying to get an F-Rated Republican (who is now suing the state to overturn HB702) re-elected). We presume that gentleman has soon learned better.

We are here to stay, even if Raph Graybill and a couple ladies from the 9th Circuit court of appeals are using a lady-man to sue us for a quarter-million dollars for “transphobia” (according to their client). Commentary: (A) Bring it on and (B) contribute below.

We have since gone to the airwaves. We now serve as program directors for KHDN The Vigilante Radio in partnership with Salem Radio Network and the Montana Daily Gazette provides the exclusive local news service. Meanwhile, we’ll soon be broadcasting on the giant KEIN station with our flagship program, Montana Gazette Radio with Jim White, out of Great Falls (which reaches Helena and beyond). The most conservative radio station in the nation is now reaching tens – and maybe hundreds – of thousands of people daily. So, deal with that, haters.

By the way, don’t forget to sign up for our Patreon to get exclusive content, like our first episode of the Montana Murder Hornet, “Is Gianforte Partially to Blame for the Afghani Rape?” You won’t find that on the radio. However, you can stream The Vigilante at 1230AM no matter where you are in the world to get our news by going to their website.

Montana Daily Gazette is run by Gideon Knox Group (the “baddest good guys in media”) and specializes in alternative news, and has done so for ten years. We are around for the long haul.

Since we began, we chose Jim White (formerly of Northwest Liberty News) as our editor, with Gideon Knox Group (Hall is the president) as its president. Dozens work for Gideon Knox Group to produce nearly twenty such websites and we have a large pool of resources to choose from.

Jim White

However, Jim White has been “let go” from his position as editor of Montana Daily Gazette and is now the Station Manager for Montana Gazette Radio (a promotion) and we have replaced him with Interim Editor, David Morrill, who operates Mile High Evening News and happens to produce and co-host JD Hall’s religious programming, Polemics Report (here is the free version; here is the Patreon-only non-truncated version for only $5.95 a month where they mostly discuss the Bible and worldview issues).

We appreciate Jim’s service, but he is more valuable to us in focusing his time on his 5-7 PM Mon-Fri live radio program and in focusing on articles related to the Flathead Valley (like the Whitefish Credit Union stories). He has been an immense help and we are happy to have retained him for our team. By the way, his show will be a live call-in program, and that should be exciting.

David Morrill

Morrill is a man of intense talent, a small business owner, a military service member, and a musician and excellent radio producer. We are glad to now officially have him on staff. However, he is from Colorado and we are actively searching for a full-time publisher from the state of Montana who has mastered – or is willing to learn – the Wrecking Ball Method TM invented by Hall during his days of Christian journalism.

David will focus mostly on regional and national news while the rest of the Montana reporting team will focus on reporting Montana news.

Dustin Germain

Morrill will work under the supervision of Gideon Knox Group head publisher, Dustin Germain, who runs multiple of Hall’s websites. He is, without a doubt, one of the most talented writers out there. Germain has worked for Gideon Knox Group since nearly the beginning and has the utmost trust of Hall. This is important, considering Hall’s time is usually spent these days between that of pastor and that of a fundraiser, raising money for his attorney to defeat Raph Graybill in court and has been speaking regularly across the state to accomplish those ends.

Meanwhile, we have added additional responsibility to Brenda Roskos’ plate from lead Investigative Montana Journalist to Advertising Specialist. This is, in part, due to the advertising needs for KHDN The Vigilante and our new radio hour(s) from 5-7 PM on KEIN in Great Falls, as well as the advertising needs for this website. By the way, if you want to advertise your business on our websites or radio station, click here to contact Brenda.

Brenda Roskos

If you want to sell ads for the Gazette, a great opportunity for more cash, click here or below.

Brenda will still be writing for the Gazette, particularly as it pertains to Montana news, along with the publisher, JD Hall, and other writing staff like Roy McKenzie. We are aiming for a field reporter in every major town in Montana. To apply, send an email directly to

Our sales regions.

Dear reader, thanks for making Montana Daily Gazette the only growing news publication in Montana.


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