Election Security Symposium Coming to Richland County November 15


Was the election stolen? The answer to that, by any reasonable person, is I do not know. Was there voter fraud on election day and in the days that followed? The answer to that, by any reasonable person, is absolutely yes. We all watched the footage of precincts ordering Republican poll watchers out of the building as ballots were being tallied. We watched trucks with ballots come to precincts with no chain-of-evidence followed. We watched suitcases of ballots come out from underneath tables, with no explanation from where they came from.

Granted, this is not the type of voter fraud that the Election Security Symposiums discuss. These symposiums, which began with Mike Lindell’s Symposium in South Dakota several weeks ago, focus on the voting machines we’ve come so heavily to depend upon.

Can we trust their makers? Can we trust their developers? Some are owned by foreign entities. Others are owned by those with far-left leanings. Whistle-blowers have proven – beyond a doubt – that they can be manipulated from afar.

Is Montana immune to this crisis in election security? Certainly not.

Read our former articles, Montana Legislators Attend Lindell’s Cyber-Security Symposium, Give Break Down (and watch the video of Montana Senator Manzella, below).

At the time, the Montana Legislators spoke to Montana’s #1 News Source, Montana Daily Gazette.

Rep. Brad Tschida told the Montana Daily Gazette, “I saw clear and compelling evidence to substantiate there was voter fraud in Montana. That statement is based upon code that was identified by an open-source from Mesa County Colorado that allowed access to software in voting machines.”

After the event, Tschida expressed his concerns to Secretary of State Jacobsen, who ordered all voting machines unplugged post-haste. You can read that in the article here.

Rep. Bob Phalen expressed to the MDG, “We need to go back to hand-counted and paper ballots. We need to get rid of every voting machine. We ES&S voting machines in Montana, and are no different than Montana.”

Since then, Montanans have shown themselves very interested in election security. Read the article, Montana Election Integrity Results in Large Attendance. Or, our article, Election Security Symposium Comes to Ravalli County. Or the latest, Eastern Montana Legislators Conduct Important Election Symposium Event in Miles City.

From west to east, the Election Security Symposium phenomenon has grown in Montana, as far away as North Dakota-bordering Richland County. The event was put together by Jordan Hall, the State Committeeman for the Richland County Central Committee and president of Conservatives for Richland County, and was approved by the Executive Committee of the Richland County Republican Central Committee. Hall attended the meeting in Miles City to represent the Montana Daily Gazette and was impressed by its contents and the information provided (and covered it with several photos and an article; some photos provided by Kristy Hinebauch-Crews.

The event will be held on November 15 at the County Extension Office, after a few minutes of Republican Central Committee business (it won’t take long). Legislators, chiefly Rep. Bob Phalen (Glendive) and Rep. Jerry Schillinger (Jordan) will do most of the presenting.

On November 17, with the permission of the County Election Administrator and County Clerk, Stephanie Verhasslet, Rep. Bob Phalen will be accompanied by two computer specialists for an audit of the voting machines, currently in the vault within the Richland County Courthouse. County Commissioners have been notified of his plans, as well as the County Sheriff, John Dynneso, who has been asked to be there to observe the process. This audit will occur at the permission of Verhasselt, which is still forthcoming (she is out of town and would like to talk further with Rep. Phalen).

On October 18, the chairman of the Montana Young Republicans, Dynnsen Rivera and treasurer, Alden Tonke, met briefly and informally with two commissioners (Mitchell and Young) and Verhasselt. Verhasselt indicated there was no extensive voter fraud in Montana, even in Missoula, where the evidence seems pretty overwhelming that shenanigans occurred.

Missoula has been replete with reported voter fraud for ages, and has almost become a joke among statewide conservatives, as to its obviousness. President Trump has mentioned it in his speeches. It appears so obvious it continues to make national news. A commission found that nearly 5% of votes cast in Missoula are fraudulent. Dozens upon dozens of fraudulent ballots have been found cast from Missoula nursing homes.

We pray that there is no voter fraud in Richland County, but have doubts about the makers of the machines that tally our votes. Currently, we trust our County Clerk and Election Administrator. But with nothing to hide, hopefully, Phalen’s forensic audit will be approved by November 17.

To attend the Election Security Symposium on November 15, come to the County Extension Office 1499 N. Central Avenue at 7PM. Treats will be provided by Conservatives for Richland County.


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