Is Gianforte Partially to Blame for Rape of Missoula Woman by Afghani Refugee?


Let’s cover the facts, all the facts, and only the facts.

Joe Biden wanted to place 77 Afghani Refugees from his abysmally failed retreat from the nation in Missoula Montana (which is no doubt thrilled to have 77 potentially new Democrat voters.

Gianforte was warned by countless Montanans – which has always been welcoming to outsiders – that these were not properly vetted refugees. Gianforte argued the opposite.

Montanan’s sole congressman, Matt Rosendale, warned Gianforte against it, as did other state leaders and many in Missoula. Gianforte insisted they were properly vetted by Joe Biden. It seems odd he took the word of the Great Usurper. Gianforte’s spokesman said, “[Gianforte] expects the Biden administration to fully vet Afghans who seek to live in the U.S.”

Rosendale, not so much.

Within mere days, one of those “vetted” refugees was arrested for rape of a Missoula woman (see our headline below, click to read it).

This topic – whether or not Gianforte is to partially blame for this tragedy – was covered on the first edition of the Montana Murder Hornet podcast, a podcast exclusively for Patreon patrons of Montana Daily Gazette. Hosted by Jim White and MDG Publisher, JD Hall, the program is only available for patrons. HINT: We gave some slack, but were brutally honest.

Rosendale responded…

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