One Man’s Quest to Defend Rural America


The Montana Daily Gazette wants – no, needs – to introduce you to one man who is hell-bent on saving Montana from a nation collapsing around us. And unlike many, this man has a plan, and his plan is worth hearing. His name is Kirk MacKenzie. We will, each Monday, run an article outlining his plan to save Montana – and if others would listen – the nation – from the crumbling mess that it has become. To follow up, Kirk will have a program each Tuesday evening on KHDN The Vigilante 1230AM (live-streamed no matter where you are) that explains his simple agenda to save America from itself.

We have all seen the news reports. Gavin Newsome wants you to have a vaccine passport in Los Angeles County. Closer to home, Gallatin County wants to obey Biden’s press conference blatherings, rather than Montana law. From county to county, teapot despots and Liliputian dictators are handing out rules faster than the National Reserve can print monopoly money. The solution, according to MacKenzie, is the Constitutional County.

Defend Rural America, the name of MacKenzie’s organization, purports to do as the name would suggest. It is, according to MacKenzie, a top-down approach to protect the rights and economies of rural counties and states. What is provided by MacKenzie, however, is no mere idea. It includes “a complete package of educational materials, strategy, tactics, and organizing – all done at the count level” and is based upon the voluntary support of individuals, organizations, and representatives.”

The 2016 taught us an important lesson; rural America has power. Although once a long-forgotten place, one esteemed unimportant and without much, proved that it had the power to choose presidencies and chart the course of our nation. Since 2016, we have seen a thorough attack on county authority and rural America by those who are terribly afraid of the ones of us still “clinging to our guns and religion.”

Although largely blacked out by the media, there is indeed a war against rural America on the part of Urban America and the powers that be. We may have small populations, modest incomes, limited resources, and few attorneys, we still have power. We have constitutional power. On top of that, we have the resources that keep urban America alive, literally. We hold our water, grow our food, harvest our timber, and hold the minerals that keep the world turning in America.

The real issue for MacKenzie, and indeed for all of us, is how we are able to leverage that power to keep our integrity and autonomy intact despite the odds stacked against us by much larger, much more powerful urban centers that think they have a right to our resources. From the proper management of public lands to private lands, a jurisdictional nightmare has been created that leaves many thinking they have control over the resources owned, managed, and stewarded by us – the rural American.

Of this, and because of this, proper jurisdiction must be restored. The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate, a philosophical idea of a government supported both by our nation’s founders and this publication (as well as MacKenzie) recognizes that power must be down-up, and not top-down. The governed receive the consent to govern, for example, from those being governed.

As MacKenzie points out, “According to the 1962 Eisenhower Report), 95% of the twho-thirds of the Western States commonly, but incorrectly, referred to as ‘federal lands’ aer already under jurisdiction. So whose jurisdiction are they under? According to MacKenzie and the law, they are under the jurisdiction of the local communities and counties they are in. Understanding this, as MacKenzie says, “is one of the most powerful tools available to local communities to regain a voice in the destinies of their counties.”

MacKenzie’s program can be heard on KHDN 1230 AM The Vigilante Radio (it can be streamed live), as well as past archives on our own Montana Gazette Radio page available here.

Listen to a past episode of MacKenzie on Montana Gazette Radio with Jim White below, and then tune in tomorrow night to listen to another program, live.

For more information on MacKenzie and his plans to save America one county and community at a time, check out his material by downloading Jurisdiction Is The Solution.

[Editor’s Note: An updated link to Tuesday’s program will be posted here]


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