The Gaslit Era of COVID and the Altar of “Safety”


Step back for a moment and critically examine the society around you.

If you recognize as our founders did the inherent morality in individual liberty and the inherent immorality of collectivism (our personal choices being made by a central authority), you will look around and see a society much different than the one you lived in just a few years ago.

Many things will seem unrecognizable. You will see people wearing fabric over their faces – many admitting these devices serve no real purpose other than announcing their virtue and signaling their loyalty to the state. You will see people being forced to choose between their job and their right to choose their own medical treatment. You will see speech – mere words – classified as a violation of the rights of others as if there exists a right to not hear someone express themselves, effectively elevating saying something to the same functional level as assaulting someone.

The government and the media celebrate fear – the cult of COVID – as the new national religion. Around half the country is religiously committed to this new reality, at least in practice. Like every good cultic commune and the bizarre reality that accompanies it, this one is built on a succession of lies and the creation of a false reality. Among dozens of purposeful and deliberate lies are many major COVID-19 falsehoods (now collectively known as “science”).

Engineering the Lie

  • Every longstanding definition used in disease reporting was changed in 2020. No communicable disease in history has been framed with the routine “testing” of people who have no symptoms, with “positive” results being determined by the mere presence of the pathogen. Causation was removed from the definition of “hospitalizations” and “deaths” – the mere presence of a “positive” (or assumed positive) test in a patient is reported as if the virus caused the hospitalization or the death.
  • Medical practitioners were paid by the feds to favor COVID. Under the guise of the pandemic, the federal government agreed to pay extra money to hospitals for COVID-classified patients, and in the early days, hospitals were forbidden from conducting most surgical operations. This twisted combination of financial incentives led to massive overreporting of hospitalizations and poured gas on the fire of public fear.
  • The CDC changed the standards for death reporting to prioritize COVID-19. Prior to the COVID era, death reports would endeavor to list the primary cause of death as the primary cause. Now death reports with COVID-19 indicated as being present wind up being reported as COVID-19 deaths whether or not the virus had anything to do with it. The media makes absolutely no mention of comorbidities, despite the nearly universal presence of serious comorbidities among COVID-linked deaths.
  • Mass censorship of public discourse continues under the guise of “safety.” Warnings, so-called “fact checks,” and removal of speech continue under the principle that so-called misinformation leads to harm. Big tech companies insert their editorial views into the conversation, and media companies act as truth ministers for whichever narrative the government is currently pushing. “Harm” is widely subjective, so those in power define it as anything countering their latest narrative. Thus, truth is effectively determined by the source of the information (the government) rather than whether the information is accepted as valid by the citizenry. Rather than free people voicing constitutionally-protected criticism of government, dissent is actively silenced – always under the Orwellian guise of “safety.” COVID is killing everyone propaganda

The result of this fraudulent activity has been the development of a literal fear factor – a gaslighting paradigm shift that has severely eroded the relationship between the free citizenry and the government and upended the long-accepted understanding of truth itself. No longer is the government seen as a servant of the citizen, citizens are now to be controlled by those in political positions of power – including the citizens’ most personal and private decisions. No longer is truth validated by an individual, private conscience and acted upon freely by a principled, responsible citizen, truth is determined by government dictate, and disagreement with this “truth” is considered unlawful. Citizens have effectively become subjects.

The Truth

The truth is that COVID-19 is nothing but a new respiratory virus. Like all respiratory viruses, it is airborne and travels in aerosolized particles from person to person, and like every virus, it is a serious threat to a small portion of the population. Hosts can carry the virus without developing the symptomatic illness, and pass on the pathogen to others unknowingly. Like every respiratory virus, COVID-19 cannot reasonably be physically contained and will reach virtually every person on the planet at some point, where each individual immune system will fight the internal replication of the pathogen and the potential disease from developing. Therapeutic treatment can aid a patient in preventing serious illness from infection, but like the common cold and influenza, the SARS-Cov2 virus is highly adaptable and destined to become an endemic virus that will come and go seasonally and in response to large population immune systems.

Face masks are a laughable “solution” – a parody of actual protective measures.

“Vaccines” (put in quotes because they have failed to meet the required effectiveness necessary to truly bear the term) do nothing to stop the physical spread of the virus and therefore have no business being mandated under the justification of safety for others.

Authoritarians and tyrants in government, media, and big tech have abused the early lack of knowledge about the virus and the public’s relative historical ignorance on matters of infectious disease to reframe and rewrite not only the science of infectious disease but the societal moral order itself – at least in the mind’s of those citizens willing to accept their new status as subjects of the powerful. Authoritarian subversives preyed on the concern that free people had for their fellow citizens (and fear for their own safety) to invert the fundamental concept that freedom is more important than safety in the very place it mattered most – the hearts of each citizen.

We see the evidence of this damage in the eyes of fellow citizens, who will sell their liberty for the most obvious fool’s gold – the promise of safety – offered by those most incapable of providing it, and in the process sell the liberty of their neighbors along with themselves. The guilt and the shame they feel over their cowardice leads them to double down on their virtue-signaling demand that everyone else make the same fear-based choice. Misery loves company, and they are happy to support you being forced to join them in their cowardice.

The absence of true virtue and principle among the American people and the woeful lack of understanding and belief in the principles of freedom has been laid bare for the whole world to see, as we exalt “safety” as the supreme virtue below which every other virtue stands. The subjugation of the free American heart at the altar of safety is complete in many of our neighbors, and the key to their subjugation has been discovered by those who mean to rule over them.

This column was originally published at Mile High Evening News and republished with permission.


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