Vote Kristen Riter!-Whitefish City Council-Conscientious, Qualified, Capable-(videos included)


Kristen Riter is running for a position on the Whitefish City Council. She is bright, logical, capable, and weighs things carefully, not flippantly or basing decisions on emotion. Simply put? It’s high time for some significant changes to the City Council.

There are some key concepts here. First, Riter is analytical and learned. A rational, in-tune mind is desperately needed on the Whitefish City Council. She teams up in her perspectives with Giuseppe Caltabiano, who also puts the residents first above all else, which is Riter’s goal.

This is what Whitefish fiercely needs! Residents sharing their input, goals, and dreams and whose perspectives are listened to are what should comprise Whitefish.

Here is just a portion of her “Bio.” To read Riter’s complete campaign plans, click here.

Kristen Riter is a Business Compliance Auditor, wife, mother, and grandmother who is committed to improving the quality of life of Whitefish residents as a member of the City Council.

Kristen Riter is exceptionally qualified for a position on the Whitefish City Council

With a professional background in business, auditing, quality control, root cause analysis, and the implementation of corporate-wide corrective action procedures locally and internationally, Kristen has a diverse skill set that will allow her to address the many complex issues facing our community while offering a fresh perspective and new path forward to create the more responsive kind of leadership City Hall needs to better serve the residents of Whitefish.

Beyond her professional qualifications, as a mother and grandmother, Kristen has been an active parent and community volunteer. In addition, she spent more than a decade running a resiliency, drug, and alcohol prevention program for youth and also coached youth sports. 

The Riter family has been very involved in aiding and serving others for years. Kristen’s knowledge of what a good home does for a family is part of what makes her so incredibly capable to be a City Council member as adequate housing is vital to a good life and future. Here is her story-

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The Riter family work as a team to serve those in need. Building homes from the ground up
for families with children is just one way they serve others from their hearts.

“One of our favorite volunteer groups is “Homes of Hope” where they sponsor a family in need by providing a safe home. The family meets in the middle and purchases the land.  Together we build a small home that gets the children off of the dirt into a clean solid three-room home.  Studies show that providing a safe shelter permanently alters the child’s chance of staying in school and raises resiliency indicators


Please take a look and listen to Whitefish Pilot’s-Whitefish City Council Forum- to learn of Riter’s perspectives and goals when it comes to leading and guiding Whitefish via her role as a City Council member.

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Vote Riter-Caltabiano! They are the answers Whitefish so desperately needs!


Of great importance are the housing dilemma, environmental issues, and a multitude of other quandaries that Whitefish has been facing for quite some time. Riter has a solid plan, as can be seen here. Proper housing is the number one hardship and most troublesome problem for Whitefish residents. Riter has the answers.


I will focus on balancing our housing options for ALL residents with an ongoing emphasis on a good quality of life for everyone.  We have an immediate housing need for locals and working families.  To that end, you can count on me to look at the facts and seek timely and actionable remedies – we don’t need a bus ride, a new committee, or paid positions to see what other towns are doing – the answers are here in our community already:

Prioritize housing for Full Time Residents. New housing initiatives must focus on Whitefish natives and those who live and work here by creating housing that’s affordable for locals…not just retirees and vacationers, but those who grew up in Whitefish, those who work at our local shops and restaurants, and those who struggle to make ends meet. While we cannot halt growth entirely, we must BETTER MANAGE it! I will focus on creating a greater balance for future residential and commercial construction permits to provide more assistance for the housing we need for our own citizens. It’s time for the City to deliver on this – it is the number one complaint I’ve heard in our community. 

A growing number of Whitefish residents are frustrated with the City’s management of growth and housing for workforce families and individuals.  I have bold solutions and am action-oriented.  I am running because many in our community DO NOT FEEL HEARD.

Additional Areas Riter Addresses are: (To read Kirsten’s entire plan on issues, click here.)

  1. Simplify the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) regulations and approval process. 
  2. Focus on In-Fill Development or Renovation
  3. Clean our sidewalks and streets.
  4.  Collect and recycle garbage.
  5. Encourage the creation of Workforce Housing.
  6. Stop Deferring Maintenance of Streets and Roads.
  7. Traffic in Our Small Town.
  8. New Development Contributing its Fair Share.
  9. Trash Recycling. 
  10. That Septic Smell. 
  11. Let’s Prevent Fires.
  12. Lake and River Protection. 

Listen and watch here as a “fan” endorses Riter for City Council. The Publisher of Montana Daily Gazette performs an interview.

Kirsten Riter is an outstanding candidate for Whitefish City Council.

Vote wisely. Vote Riter.

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Do the right thing! Vote wisely! Riter AND Caltabiano!


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