Is Kamala Harris Distancing Herself from Biden?


(The Western Journal) Say it ain’t so: America’s political sweethearts are drifting apart.

Once upon a time, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were so close it was almost like they were co-presidents. In fact, the arc was almost like a bad rom-com. First, they met on a presidential debate stage in the summer of 2019, where then-Sen. Harris made national headlines for eviscerating Biden over his racial history, including his work with segregationist Dixiecrats on busing.

Then, her campaign collapsed in late 2019. If a New York Times deep-dive on her campaign was any indication, it’s because management on her presidential run was a dumpster conflagration of impressive proportions, even by the standards of the 2020 Democrat field — and the candidate the campaign was propping up was so feckless and self-contradictory in her messaging she stood for everything and nothing at the same time, anyway.

But in the summer of 2020, Joe Biden realized he needed Kamala. Granted, the reasons were a bit more mercenary than in a rom-com. On May 22, Biden managed to neatly sum up his shaky position with minority voters during an appearance on a black-centric radio show, in which he told the hosts, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” Three days later, George Floyd died in police custody, making race the other defining issue of the 2020 election aside from COVID-19.

That indeed presented a quandary. Who to run to? The person who implied he was a racist on that debate stage one summer prior, of course — and thus was a beautiful political partnership born. Daisies bloomed. The birds sang.

This article was originally published at the Western Journal. Read it here. Note: Title changed by the Montana Daily Gazzette.


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