Biden’s Approval Rating is Historically Awful


Joe Biden’s approval rating has fallen to 42 percent in a poll conducted by the reliably liberal NBC News, with 71 percent of those polled describing the country as headed in the wrong direction. The trend is clear:

Source: NBC News. Graphic: JoElla Carman / NBC News

Even more concerning to Democrats is a recent Quinnipiac poll, which shows Biden’s approval rating among the independents tanking to 28 percent, and a similarly-timed Economist/YouGov poll reporting 29.8 percent among the same demographic.

From the Quinnipiac poll:

Biden is now underwater with women at 43 percent approve, 45 percent disapprove. Men’s approve disapprove of Biden is a brutal 30/59.

Biden has crashed with Hispanics who give him an approve/disapprove of 33/51. White’s approve/disapprove of Biden is 33/59. Black approve/disapprove of Biden is down in dangerous territory for a Democrat, 65/22.

The NBC poll shows Republicans holding a lead on public confidence on all major economic and security issues:

Poll numbers show a cataclysmic freefall in popularity when compared to Biden’s record-setting vote totals in the 2020 election. The numbers stand in stark contrast to the vote tallies from a year ago, which showed Joe Biden receiving the highest vote totals in the history of presidential elections – a historical total that bears absolutely no resemblance to today’s public sentiment.

Biden faces a myriad of issues, including skyrocketing inflation, stagnating economic growth, a likely-unconstitutional COVID-19 vaccine mandate, a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and growing concern over his mental and physical capability to hold public office.


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