The Constitutional County: An Overview


Something new is on the horizon of America, and it’s something that can change our Republic for the better. It is simple, ingeniously simple, and all it requires is a commitment from the people of our great land who are tired of watching the elite, the incompetent, and the corrupt ruin our lives from afar.

Heading up the movement is Kirk MacKenzie, who we wrote about last week in the post, One Man’s Quest to Defend Rural America. His mission is so important, and his plan is ridiculously simple. We have dedicated time each Tuesday on Montana Gazette Radio – now heard online but soon on KHDN and KEIN in southern and northern Montana- to Mackenzie’s plan to install Constitutional Counties across the United States. With local governments consisting of ‘We the People’ that cannot be duplicated at the state or federal level, numerous advantages will be accomplished that will, in no uncertain terms, take our country back from the Barbarian hoards scaling our walls and taking captive our liberty.

You can listen to the October 1 show with MacKenzie here. In the episode, James White and MacKenzie give a brief overview of what is broken, as well as how to fix it. The MDG, Montana’s #1 news source (by readership), dedicates a weekly column each Monday to help explain the plan. Each Tuesday, MacKenzie will examine a new aspect on Montana Gazette Radio.

By the way, the radio station can be heard along the I90 and I94 corridors, the Billings area, or streamed anywhere in the world on 1230AM The Vigilante.


So much about America seemed so good. Founded upon the firm and true principles, it heralded – for the world to see – like inalienable rights, civil liberties, equality, goodwill, and the power of individuality over collectivism.

But much has changed in America.

With the growing number of “nones” (those with no religious affiliation) grew, Christianity and the little white church houses shrunk. But these ideas, which were opined upon by the ancients like Aristotle and Plato, could only be incorporated into a uniquely Christian nation. America was that nation, and it’s here; those ideas have thrived.

By creating a top-down system of government in which the government received the power at the consent of the governed, individualism thrived. Within mere decades, the “American Experiment” became one of the most successful nations the world has ever known.

Look around us now. Who sees our greatness? Where did it go? Like lights in the little white church houses, it has gone out.

Our Manifest Destiny, which brought things like liberty, civil rights, freshwater, soap, sanitation, modern medication, communications, transportation, and an interstate system, actual housing, running toilets, Wal-Mart, and the fast supply of staples, an increase in personal liberty, the abolition of slavery, and other advances of Christendom are all benefits unique to Western Civilization.

But today, Western Civilization is under attack. An anti-Christ, anti-West spirit pervades the United States, largely brought to us by academia, Hollywood – and yes – many seminaries (even the pulpit is under attack). Many of these elitists are quite bold with their ambition to remove humanity from the planet altogether. They don’t want the thriving or flourishing of society, but it’s extinction.

Federal and State governments seem powerless to stop the hoards breaching our walls, if not complicit in it. But the countryside remains conservative, and we are resolved to keep rural America from turning into Detroit, Chicago, or Seattle.


The key to success or failure, survival or death as culture, is the county government. We have already been provided – in law – the means to defend our own interests. After all, who will look after our own interests like those in our own neighborhoods?

Think about it. Who raises your taxes? Who empowers your officials to require masks? Who threatens to take your Second Defense? Is it your neighbors or those in the state and federal capital?

The answer for Kirk MacKenzie is clear.

Born in Idaho and rising to the rank of Colonel in the U.S. military, McKenzie has a passion for both America – how it is supposed to be – and for the U.S. Constitution, which he swore to uphold. And let us make one thing clear; what McKenzie proposes is not contrary to the constitution but complementary to it.

Empowering local people, in local places, with local power is the key to freeing our nation from sea to shining sea. Please turn into MacKenzie’s show from 7 PM to 9 PM online or on KHDN (right after Montana Gazette Radio) to determine how to best accomplish this end. As MacKenzie will explain on his new radio program, this is not an impossible dream, but if not done, it will become a nightmare in America.


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