Awakened Parents Voting Against Indoctrination in Schools


(Just the News) From the marquee Virginia governor’s contest to school board contests across America’s suburbs, parents of schoolchildren are expected to play an outsized role in Tuesday’s off-year election and provide a measurement of just how potent an issue liberal indoctrination in the U.S. education system has become to a restless electorate.

The unexpected rise of the school curriculum movement was sparked by a pandemic that trapped students at home with parents for months, unmasking what was being taught in classrooms and how it was being taught.

Parents suddenly become incensed that their children were being forced to conform to transgender-friendly language or subscribe to the notion the color of their skin was predetermining their future in an inherently racist America. Soon a revolt was waged, with parents confronting their educators and their school boards about such concepts as critical race theory and equity learning.Along the way, stunning revelations cemented the determination that change was needed, from proclamations that parents don’t deserve a say in what is being taught to schoolchildren to disclosures that highly sexualized books involving abortion and pedophilia were being assigned to young students.

This article appears in its entirety at Just the News. Read it here. Note: Title changed by the Montana Daily Gazette.


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