Children and Pfizer Injections = Bad News- MCCHD Parental Brainwashing Plan Included


We offer many thanks to Roy McKenzie of “Missoula County Tyranny” for all his diligent investigative work on what is probably the most disturbing madness of the century. The upcoming toxic Pfizer shot will soon be available for 5-11-year-olds and is so incredibly disturbing.

Based on statistics of adverse reactions of 12-15-year-olds, predictions are somewhat calculable for the upcoming younger victims.

“According to a COVID-19 vaccine benefit-risk assessment submitted to the Food and Drug Administration by Pfizer, estimates indicate that, on average, for every 189 hospitalizations of COVID-19 prevented by vaccinating 5-11-year-old children, 164 vaccinated boys will develop a case of myocarditis, a heart inflammation condition requiring emergency care with potential long-term side effects including abnormal heartbeat and sudden death.

Pfizer released only estimates on the rates of myocarditis amongst COVID-19 vaccinated 5-11-year-olds using data from 12-15-year-olds stating, “vaccine-associated myocarditis/pericarditis data is not available for this age group.” Pfizer stated they would be relying, in part, on VAERS for passive reporting of post-authorization myocarditis and pericarditis. VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, a passive reporting tool that medical providers are not required to submit reports to.

The pharmaceutical giant broke down their data estimate of myocarditis cases into different scenarios based on COVID-19 case infection rates at different dates in the past. In one scenario, for every 21 hospitalizations of COVID-19 prevented, 179 boys would develop a case of myocarditis, 98 boys would be hospitalized, and 57 boys would be admitted to ICUs.”

According to McKenzie’s brilliant article, Pfizer already KNOWS children in the 5-11 age range will experience horrific difficulties via their toxic injection, so it will be including another drug to counteract those atrocious reactions.

 “The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine formulation for 5-11-year-olds will include tromethamine. Tromethamine is a drug used for the treatment of metabolic acidosis after a cardiac arrest event, as noted in the FDA’s label for the drug.”

As usual, the evil Missoula City County Health Department has no good cooked up. See the graphic here.

Missoula City-County Health Department brainwashing folks again.

Please read McKensie’s full article here.


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  1. Will there be an organized plan to help protest for these innocent offspring? Why would they do this to the innocent children. How can there even be a benefit if it’s all RISK! Gambling is a sin and obviously gambling with INNOCENT PRECIOUS CHILDREN is like another level of sin of something.


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