Video: Montana Congressional Candidate Openly Calls for Civil Disobedience


Dr. Al Olszewski, Candidate for Montana’s open congressional seat in the 2022 election, appeared on Montana Gazette Radio yesterday and told host Jim White that it is time for the people to rise against tyranny and practice civil disobedience.

…but as we’re dealing with unconstitutional mandates from a lawless president, we need to talk about civil disobedience. – Dr. Al Olszewski

As many public servants have sold out to the establishment and all they stand for, Olszewski rejects the establishment, their mandates, and especially the creeping tyranny being perpetrated by them upon the people.

It is for this reason, along with many others, that Olszewski is the favorite candidate for true patriots in Montana, especially those who are tired of the lies and hypocrisy of the current regime.

You can see the replay of Olszewski calling for civil disobedience by clicking the video link below.


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  1. Hi,
    We are moving to your state from small town in Colorado to raise our family around community which values civil liberties and less government overreach. Early on, our PD did not want to enforce mask ordinances and business closures, but they were not supported. That was shameful. They knew what was coming.
    I wanted to share with you the “Police for Freedom” movement, in hopes that your platform can spread the word if times get tougher. When the police serve and protect citizens and don’t enforce “victimless crimes”, then communities have a stronger chance to resist the federalization of state laws. Please look into this movement, which is coming from countries which are one step ahead of us in terms of tyranny (Australia, Canada, Spain, Italy).
    I enjoy reading your site. I don’t agree with everything(!), but civil liberties are a common ground that a lot of Americans agree on. Freedom to work, educate, worship, and assemble without restrictions is essential for every American.
    Thank you for your journalism and I am very excited to live in a freedom state.

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    pandemic and many people facing difficulty to live and to feed their family without a proper job in these days…… Get Here

  3. Political science backs up his proposition. As of Nov.3rd 2020 we’ve suffered from a political coup in our executive branch. The govt. is no longer controlled by a Constitutional Democratic-Republic. Passive Resistance is the only tool useable, as in MLK’s effort and Mahatma Ghandi in India. We are an occupied country which is completing their revolution.


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