Montana Murder Hornet Podcast: Is MT Sec. of State Stonewalling Election Security?


After tonight’s newscast on the Montana Gazette Radio, aired on KHDN Radio The Vigilanate (and live-streamed across the world), JD joined host James White to ask the question if Secretary of State Christi Jacobsen is stonewalling the Montana Election Integrity Project.

JD reveals that reports have come in from multiple counties that Jacobsen has told county clerks and election coordinators to comply with the simple investigations of the Montana Election Integrity Project, led by Montana legislators.

There is no doubt – none – that MDG is a conventionally conservative organization. But like during the last Murder Hornet Podcast in which we asked if Governor Gianforte is partially responsible for the rape of a Missoula woman at the hands of an Afghani refugee he took in against the wishes of state conservatives (he is), the Montana Murder Hornet challenges both Republicans and Democrats.

In this episode, James and JD wonder why our Secretary of State’s office isn’t doing its best to cooperate with these efforts to double-check our voting machines and not telling county clerks not to cooperate.

JD Hall has filed FOIA requests to find out if this is so, and if so, conservatives should strongly consider primarying Jacobsen and replacing her with someone who cares about voting fraud in Montana.

Often, this 30-minute, fast-flying, controversial podcast commits the unpardonable sin of criticizing Republicans. Why? We’re fair. We criticize anyone who needs it.

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