The Constitutional County: It’s Not An Idea; It’s a Movement. Join.


It’s not just an idea. It’s a movement. And the idea, although certainly not old (it goes back well beyond the American founding), is being propagated through Defend Rural America and The Constitutional County, the brainchild of genius-level entrepreneur and fellow Montanan, Kirk MacKenzie. We have written about his movement twice, first in One Man’s Quest to Defend Rural America, and another last week in the article, The Constitutional County, An Overview. MacKenzie hosts a program Tuesday evening on KHDN 1230AM The Vigilante, the exclusive home of Montana Gazette Radio (although we broadcast on other stations, this is our 24/7 flagship programming). If you aren’t in distance of our excellent coverage, you can stream the program live below.

Please don’t be confused by MacKenzie’s talking on KHDN. It is no mere talk. He is full of action. A perfect example is that The Constitutional County (TCC) has been creating educational materials, websites, and a radio show. But MacKenzie and TCC are actively pursuing the taking-back of our nation from the gaggle of despots and dictators – from the federal to county-level – who desire to control our lives, whether from across the country or down the street.

MacKenzie, who hails from the Flathead County, met personally with a county commissioner, county election personnel, and personally observed the election process. What he learned was stunning.

According to MacKenzie, in the findings of the TCC, “Montana election officials ‘certified’ the 2020 General Election results blindfolded, with zero transparency, no inspection of the machines, no inspection of the software, and no independent count or even inspection of the cast votes, indeed no clue what is inside those machines or what calculations they actually performed. Rather, they relied exclusively on faith in the totals reported by the ES&S equipment.”

What McKenzie discovered in the Flathead County is not unique to Flathead County. This is the status quo for Montana. Recently, the Richland County Clerk and Recorder, Stephanie Verhasshelt, refused the request of state legislators to conduct a forensic image on the machines to verify contents of the ES&S equipment had not been tampered with. According to other county clerks, who serve as Election Administrators, it is common to take the word of the machine, with no human observance or assurance at all.

But who cares? Literally, who does care? It did not seem the elected officials cared, so TCC took it to the People. The organization took their concerns to the Commissioners and Represented the People at multiple open hearings. When the commissioners did not respond, TCC served a Notice of Demand.

We have uploaded these demands to our servers which you can find here and here. The People want answers. We demand them. We are entitled to them.

The organiation also took its concerns to the People of Montana, to both educate and to provide them a way to take action, to have a voice. Currently, TCC is focused on reaching as many Montanas as possible to read and sign its most recent Notice of Demand, called Demand04. As an encouragement, it is running through the end of the year a contest for $2,400 going to those who bring in the most signatures.
Those who love free will, 2nd Amendment and other unalienable rights, should definitely consider joining The Constitutional County movement.

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In addition, Montana Daily Gazette is adding a sub-page exclusively for material for The Constitutional County, so you can find all their material in one place.


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