It will be a busy week for Montana conservatives, with events coordinated by Gideon Knox Group, the publisher of the Montana Daily Gazette. The events are free to the public to attend.* This flier contains an error. Camp has fallen ill and has been replaced with a special musician with the army band. You won’t be disappointed.

After a symposium by the Election Integrity Project in Sidney on November 15, Montana Gazette Publisher JD Hall will head to Columbus for a 3:30 talk at Columbus, after a brief stop in Lame Deer (explained later) and Billings. The Columbus event will be held at the Uncle Sam Eatery. Also speaking will be Leah Southwell of the John Birch Society. The topic will be ‘Holding Onto Montana Values.’

Hours later, Hall and Southwell will meet up with a celebrity Christian recording artist, Steve Camp, who will perform before the talking starts at 6:30PM. Camp was busiest in the 1980s and 1990s, before giving up the CCM Industry to become a pastor. Camp today is a commentator on political and religious topics and a pastor in Florida, and will play several songs for the audience before the topic, “Stopping the Blue Dots” and Livingston’s strategic importance for the rest of the state is given.

Then, a large event will be held in Missoula at 6:30PM on November 17 at Clinton Community Church (near Missoula) with Pastor Brandon Huber, Theresa Manzella, Al Olszewski, Leah Southwell, JD Hall, and – of course – a music concert by Steve Camp. The topic will include the LGBTQ agenda to control our lives and steal our liberty.

The event should be large. Plan according and come early. If you prefer another flier, here’s another option.* Camp has fallen ill, and has been replaced by professional recording artist, David Morrill, who is also a member of the U.S. Armed Service Band.

On November 18 at 6:30PM Senator Ed Butcher and remnants of the Lewistown Tea Party will be hosting the group of Hall, Southwell, and Camp (now replaced with another great musician; Camp has fallen ill), also with the topic of “Keeping the Blue Dots at Bay.” Butcher will speak, along with the others, and music will be performed. Hall will give the main talk.

And then, Friday November 19 the event will be held in Bozeman at the Rockin TJ Ranch at 6PM, hosted generously by the group, ‘Stand Up Montana.’ This event is longer than the others and will include speakers from ‘Stand Up Montana, as well as Hall, Southwell, and Young Republicans Chairman, Dennison Rivera. Trevor Loudon will be joining remotely and will share his expert advice on CRT in Bozeman and speak directly to the crowd via telescreen, with a Q&A to interact with Loudon to follow. Professional music will also perform.

NOTICE: Prior to this event, the Liberty Riders will host a prayer gathering at Rocking R Bar at 4 PM to pray for the success of this event and God’s blessings upon the proceedings. Pastor Hall will be present, but will not lead the event. It will be over in plenty of time to meet the 6 o’clock schedule at Rocking TJ Ranch. We thank the Rocking R Bar for their hospitality.

On Saturday, November 20, JD Hall and musical accompaniment will lead a worship service in Kalispell (location TBA) at 6:30PM. Check back here for more information. Although it will be interlaced with current events, its focus, unapologetically, will be Christ and his Kingdom.

All of this is made possible by (A) Raph Graybill who decided to sue Pastor Hall for what his client calls “Transphobia” in Richland County and Pastor Hall’s insistence to take the fight for Montana, Christian, and conservative values directly to Western Montana where the plague of liberalism is plaguing the state and growing Eastward (B) Pastor Brandon Huber who the LGBTQ are attacking ruthlessly and (C) the advance of CRT in Bozeman and (D) these other fine groups who have asked to have a stop along the way.

Special dinners (by invitation only) will be offered in Billings, Missoula and Kalispell, prior to the evening events, with Pastor Hall and Leah Southwell, sponsored by the John Birch Society. The Liberty Riders will begin a special prayer service at 4PM on November 19 in Bozeman, for prayer before the event and the public is invited to take part in a solemn assembly, asking God to bless our events and our nation. The location is TBA.

All events will be recorded and each talk from Hall will be different and tailored to that community. This will allow the same visitors to come to multiple events and hear new material.Hall dedicates the tour to Raph Graybill and the LGBTQ, who need a good dose of Jesus and common sense. He thanks them for the encouragement.

On the way on Tuesday, November 16, JD Hall will stop at the Northern Cheyenne Nation to pray to the God of Heaven for the blessing of the Cheyenne and Crow Tribes (the “transgender” suing him is Nothern Cheyenne), the details of which are TBA (to be announced). His security team will be with him discreetly to ensure his safety while there (don’t worry). After all, how can a little prayer hurt?

All talks will air on KHDN RADIO, The Vigilante, 1230 AM Hardin, and stretch from Interstates 90 and 94 from Hardin well into Billings. When available after editing, the talks will be available both on the AM.

If you are a public or civics leader and would like to join any of these events to speak briefly, please contact

Please use these fliers (copy/paste) for your Facebook page or other media outlets to get out the word if you live in these communities, and send them in your email lists to work up the crowds. Protestors are welcome to peacefully assemble outside the venue, and Pastor Hall will come out to speak civilly to you, if you desire civil conversation. Security will be present at all events and should be perfectly safe to attend.

“Then you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32)

If you would like to contribute to this 1759 mile road trip, fuel expense, or hotel stays for our guests and speakers, or to rent our venues, give to Gideon Knox Giving Fuel Account using your credit/debit card by clicking the link below (or here) or the old-fashioned way via check to the Montana Liberty Defense Fund (which is tax-deductible and overseen by multiple churches and pastors throughout the state via an accountability board to ensure financial transparency.

And finally, we want to thank those who have inspired such an awesome tour. These include Raph Graybill, Upper Seven Law Firm, Adrian Jawort, the LGBTQ Lobby, the Montana Human Rights Coalition, the Montana Realtors Association, Montana Democrats, Love Lives Here and so many more. Almost all of you operate with out-of-state Dark Money and play dirty. We will defeat you with the truth. Please repent while

[Editor’s Note: RETRACTION. One edit on this article stated Dennison Rivera will appear in Missoula. That was a mistake. It should have read Dr. Al Olszewski. Rivera was never planned for this event]


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  1. I’ll be bringing my fellow people of BLM to witness this wonderful event as well as some friends from the LGBTQ community! (Watch out!)


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