Health “Experts” Still Cowering in Fear Because of COVID?


Nearly a year and a half after “two weeks to flatten the curve,” health experts seem to believe the world is no closer to returning to normal.

A survey conducted by STAT and reported at reveals that a majority of surveyed health experts, epidemiologists, immunologists, and virologists are still choosing to avoid activities such as going to the gym, in-person social events, and even family gatherings in an effort to somehow avoid exposure to COVID-19.

Responses from the 28 surveyed public health experts were given based on the assumption that wearing face masks has affected the trajectory of the virus despite no available statistical evidence demonstrating masks have had any effect at all.

A majority of experts would refuse to go back to work without a mask on their face, no matter the vaccination status of the employees, and a majority would refuse to exercise in a gym despite the positive correlation between overall health and a lower level of COVID-19 severity.

A majority of the experts would tell their elderly relatives to skip Thanksgiving and Christmas, although a few respondents apparently would be happy to host a family gathering as long as grandma isn’t there.

Chart showing expert responses to questions from STAT

Only one respondent seemed to have a grip on the reality that everyone would be infected with COVID-19. Amesh Adalja, an expert in emerging infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins University, said, “My personal risk tolerance is high and everyone is going to get Covid at some point.”

Yet many “experts” would still skip an unmasked wedding and ask people coming over for Thanksgiving to take a COVID test.

Meanwhile, regular Americans are busy making holiday plans and doing their best to ignore the government-medical police state.


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