Obeying Caesar Biden, Montana’s Hospitals Announcing Forced Vaccinations


No group in Montana stands so ardently opposed to the experimental – and possibly deadly – COVID-19 “vaccine” (it does not meet the thresh hold of efficacy for this designation – as Montana’s medical community. It is doctors and nurses – and not “conspiratorial protestors” who are putting up the biggest fight against forced vaccinations.

But hospitals, run not by doctors by those with business administration degrees, are choosing to ignore state law and submit to a mandate of the Biden Administration, demanding that their employers be vaccinated. The self-imposed “staff shortage” spoken of in Fake News publications are omitting the fact that the shortage is caused by hospital policy and not a genuine lack of care providers.

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The Montana Daily Gazette has been inundated with eleven hospitals in the last three days who have sent out emails to their employees, stating that they must receive the experimental vaccines by January 4, a day that coincides with Biden’s draconian dictate.

The following are some examples, the first from Benefis, the second largest employer in the state that operates primarily out of Great Falls. The date it was sent was November 4 at 7:45 AM and is a follow-up from a September 10 email stating their intentions.

Montana Daily Gazette has been covering the Benefis employee protests from the beginning in articles like Benefis Health Professionals Who Don’t Want COVID Vaccine Given Deadline to Comply OR ELSE, and Montana Health Infrastructure Set to crumble and As Benefis Employees Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine. There are many more.

Consider the photos below, from around the country, of doctors and nurses not wanting the vaccine. Another possibility is that they are unaware of the side-effects of the vaccine and ensure they are better than the virus. Some have religious reasons. Others simply believe the “vaccines” to be bad science; they would know, because they’re healthcare workers.

But Benefis isn’t the only one.

There are different reasons for avoiding this vaccine. One possibility is that the healthcare workers often have natural immunity, already having the vaccine (and a far superior natural immunity) meaning it does not pass the test of cost-benefit analysis.

But Benefis isn’t the only one. Consider this email from Sidney Health Center.

The email misleadingly says that 67% of their workers have been vaccinated (for a hospital, this is less than the national average of the general populace). However, in reality, only 1/3 of medically-trained health professionals (doctors and higher-ranking nurses and specialists) have taken the vaccine. This will be elaborated upon in a further post.

There’s also this email, from Wolf Point.

And, here’s one from the Flathead.

It seems that all of Montana’s hospitals are thumbing their nose at Montana law and surrendering to a federal mandate for – quite explicitly – federal money.

But here’s how this is going to work: In order to bill Medicaid, you must have patients. In order to have patients, you must have health workers. Without health workers, you don’t have a hospital. Without a hospital, patients, or health workers, you can’t bill Medicaid anyway.

Prediction: Those in the healthcare industry who have thus far refused vaccination will not suddenly become compliant. They will quit. Hospitals will turn into (at best) clinics and close entirely. Then, serious older patients with COVID will be left untreated because of the policies of the hospitals and President Joe Biden. In other words, they will be killing people.

To acquire a religious exemption, click here. JD Hall will be on James White’s Montana Gazette Radio to explain religious exemptions and how to use them, which you can hear on KHDN or stream it live.


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