Deception: “Losing Hospital Beds” Missoula Community Medical Center Lacks Logic


Once again, Roy McKenzie has outdone himself. In his publication “Missoula County Tyranny,” Roy explains exactly what “short-staffed and short-bedded” hospitals REALLY boil down to.

“Many nurses and healthcare workers have been seeing the writing on the wall for months now. Hospitals across the United States have been sending notices to their workers, pressuring them to get vaccinated. On Veteran’sDay, Missoula’s Community Medical Center went a step further and told workers that they need to either get vaccinated or find new work.”

“The fully support the federal vaccine mandate,” the notice from Missoula’s 4th largest employer stated. Furthermore, “We know the COVID-19 vaccine is our best defense against this virus and getting vaccinated supports our mission of Making Communities Healthier.”

“The “Making Communities Healthier” marketing campaign may appear to be a contradiction on its face, however. One worker who shared the notice they received estimated that up to a quarter of the organization’s workforce could be terminated. This is on top of staffing shortages that started to pick up in mid-September. Without nurses and staff to man hospital beds, the beds have to be shut down, reducing the hospital’s overall capacity.

According to Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services hospital capacity report data, since September, Community Medical Center has lost over 26% of its bed capacity going from 139 total beds in early September to 103 beds as of Monday. Since October of last year, the hospital has lost 32% of its overall bed capacity.”

If Community Medical Center really cared about proper medical care and keeping beds at total capacity, they wouldn’t cave into tyrannical measures. The utter idiocy is astounding due to a lack of logic.

Please read McKenzie’s article to better grasp the entire faulty hospital system in regard to this pressing measure.


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