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TCC-“The Constitutional County” is unlike anything most people have ever seen or even heard of. It is original in content and intricately detailed yet meticulously explained. Mastermind Kirk MacKenzie-Flathead County resident cares so profoundly for his Flathead neighbors and his fellow man (and woman) nationwide that he has created a series of educational pieces that focus on the truth of Constitutional matters and the illegal tampering of our magnificent document as well.

Last week’s subject introduced via Montana Gazette Radio covered the topic of money and presented it in a way that most have never imagined. We URGE everyone to read this article and other materials on the matter, get educated, and make sure and listen to MacKenzie’s recent podcast via Montana Gazette Radio; here’s the link. The podcast is alarming, mesmerizing, and brilliantly executed, particularly if one understands the number one issue in the United States-MONEY.

There is a hideous war at hand, which is Central Banking vs. Liberty. At the very core of “The Constitutional County” is the concept of Liberty, and in the last two years, we’ve witnessed a rapid decline like never before in the history of the United States. MacKenzie assures us we must beat this monster; timing is critical, but to defeat this corruption, we must first understand and comprehend the subject matter. Let’s begin.

Just like the frog in the slow-cooking pot, so has the U.S. fake monetary system been cooking over the years. Deception never starts all at once; it’s usually such a lengthy process that most folks don’t see it coming until the final train wreck.

In 1795 our economy was comprised of gold and silver, which was a suitable medium of exchange, much more so than the bartering system. Article 1, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution, forbids ‘bills of credit,’ and only gold and silver were allowed. In 1861-the year the Civil War began, the ‘Demand Note’ was issued by the Government. It was a powerful way to print all Lincoln needed to finance the war; hence the inception of paper money in the U.S. Next in 1862 was the issuance of ‘Legal Tender Notes.’ In 1863 it got worse as paper money was not issued by the Treasury anymore but by actual banks entitled, ‘National Bank Notes’-which was the beginning of the end. Also, in 1863, ‘Gold Certificates’ came into being, then in 1878, ‘Silver Certificates.’ Then in 1914, ‘ Federal Reserve Notes’ and 1915 ‘Federal Reserve Bank Notes,’ which were synonymous with specific banks. Central Banking vs. Liberty has been imposing the slavery of millions of United States citizens since its inception. The chart below applies to the above.

The progression from real money to false/fake “currency.”

Lincoln’s brutal death was a direct result of the issuance of paper money because that’s precisely how deadly it is. He even predicted trepidation. See chart below,

Lincoln realized his folly by way of printing paper money.

MacKenzie delves into various areas such as debt, fake money, and more but perhaps most interesting is when he builds a case based upon Capitalism and Socialism. His train of thought is thus, (see the chart below).

The chart below demonstrates that we are a nation inundated with fake money, taxation, deficit financing (such as mortgages), and Socialism. Those who can or will not work are sucking off the fake monetary system yet are still consumers of goods and services. In simplest terms, they are spending money they didn’t work for, but because they are still consumers, “Capitalists Love Socialism!” The wealthy continue to get rich off of non-producers. All these issues create massive economic atrocities.

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It’s true; Capitalism Loves Socialism.

Perhaps most disturbing to MacKenzie (as it should be to all Flathead County residents) is the fact that “In Flathead County, approximately 30% to 40% of its money is coming in from foreign sources.”

This, in essence, makes us subject to outside monetary control. Under true Constitutionality, the People are to govern at the top with the Government under and subject to the People. Still, with foreign finances infiltrating and their heavy influences, the opposite is now at play. (See the charts below)

A tyrannical Unconstitutional Government. Not as the Founders intended.

The Constitutionally based Government in its proper order with ‘We The People’ at the top.

MacKenzie took his concerns to the Flathead County Commissioners, where he was met with disdain when he suggested getting these issues “on the ballot.” They were not pleased with such a request to which Mackenzie responded in a wry tone, “No Commissioner wants that” (meaning they want sovereign control over these outside monetary influences.) MacKenzie continued, “And they say they follow the Constitution.”

We must ask ourselves such questions even if they haunt us.

1. Will we lose our nation to Socialism? Will Montana become a Socialist State?

2. Socialism promotes Communism. As Montanans, will we allow that?

3. What can we do to avoid the number 1. and 2.?

4. How imperative is it that we become involved in local Government?

5. How closely related is currency to Liberty?

6. Why is joining The Constitutional County so pressing?

7. What did our Founding Fathers have to say about paper money and ill gain?

President Jackson came against evil bankers. A true hero.

HOW CAN I JOIN THE CONSTITUTIONAL COUNTY? Everything one needs to sign up with and understand The Constitutional County can be found here. It is entirely free, and you can even sign up your friends and win money via a contest doing so!

Thomas Jefferson stated, “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

Thomas Jefferson warned vehemently against the evils and wiles of the corrupt banking systems. He knew.

“To regain our liberty, we must regain our monetary system.”


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