Kalispell MT-“Gone with the Wind” Literally!


The last 24 hours in Kalispell, MT, and many places statewide have been hit with tumultuous high winds!

Reports have come in of trampolines flying, trees breaking, limbs snapping, and other crazy stories.

One resident (who now lives in an assisted care home for the elderly) remarked how astonished he was that the house he’d owned and lived in for 40 years had just sold three days ago, and last night the wind caused a tree to land on the house! Talk about timing!

Another man heard someone in front of him at the ATM shouting in disdain and yelling loudly; when he got out of his car to help, the man lamented how the money he was trying to deposit flew away! The man behind then raced around and snagged $100, for which the ATM user was grateful but claimed he was still $400 short from the high winds!

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High winds can be very dangerous!

In South Kalispell late at night, a woman put a call out for help on a public Facebook group stating that her husband was a Veteran who had suffered a stroke last April and a large tree had fallen on their home-and although they didn’t see the damage was concerned as the tree was still attached to the ground via roots. Her plea was met with concern as folks stated they would come to bring a chainsaw when the morning light arose, and others offered to pay for the mishap. Nevertheless, she was “eternally grateful.”

On a very serious note, there was word that several ‘mini fires’ erupted in the last 24 hours in Kalispell and most likely statewide, probably as a result of high winds.

One resident shared, “My fiance and I decided to take a walk around our neighborhood about midnight to check things out. Alarmingly we saw a small fire coming out the back of someone’s home with sparks flying! So I grabbed the hose and put it out.”

The family revealed on Facebook just how deeply grateful they were for the gentleman, waking them up and alarming them!

It’s been a crazy last couple of days out there, Montana! Stay safe, be aware of your surroundings and reach out to neighbors, family, and friends in need!

Montana Strong!


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