Sidney Health Center Commits Virtual Suicide-Disrespects its Employees-CALL TO ACTION!


Sidney Health Center of Sidney, Montana, is pulling big blunders. Their Health Board, CEO, and Senior Leadership Staff are enforcing the Unconstitutional Biden Mandate, and it will cut their proverbial throats.

It is faulty and errant thinking to assume that there will even be a hospital left if the reason they are firing employees who will not comply with the Experimental “Covid” Injection is based on keeping Medicaid/Medicare funding.

“You don’t have Medicaid without patients; you don’t have patients without doctors and nurses. You don’t have a hospital without doctors and nurses.”

Sidney Medical Center is unwilling (meaning the business administrator/tycoons; show me the money) to wait for Governor Gianforte and Attorney General Austin Knudsen to battle and WIN against the horrid Mandate via lawsuits, thus conquering and squelching the illegal Biden Mandate but would rather have their federal Medicare/Medicaid funding NOW and shoot themselves in the foot by loss of highly capable and competent medical staff. The hospital is not run by care professionals; it’s run by business administrators, and they want the funding NOW—impatient fools.

Although 67% of “Hospital Employees” have taken the toxic shot/shots, of that percentage, only 1/3 are actual care providers meaning the rest are comprised of cafeteria workers, janitors, office workers, etc.

If you click here, you can read the misleading email from Sidney Medical Center’s Administration-Jennifer Doty MHA, Chief Health Officer, concerning this pressing matter. As you can see above (read the paragraph), they are misleading people with their 67% “vaccinated” statement and how “The Covid Vaccine saves lives.” Why even at Logan Health care in Kalispell, several nurses reveal that the “ones who are sick and dying of Covid are those who’ve been vaccinated.”

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In a word? Actual care providers will not put up with the Unconstitutional Mandate and will either be fired or quit, for they simply are not going to comply. Not only is this inhumane Mandate of Biden’s completely contrary to Montana’s House Bill 702, but it will also come back to nip the hospital in the bud.

What will it be like when there:

  1. Are no ER workers to help those in crisis?
  2. Are no Cardiologists to assist those in critical need?
  3. Are no Cancer Doctors available to provide care?
  4. Are no Internal Medicine Doctors to provide for diagnostic measures?
  5. Sidney Hospital will be paying four times more for traveling nurses?
  6. Are very few doctors and nurses who do stay and will be worked to death?

Many highly competent medical employees who refuse to adhere to these Mandates have savings or can start their own clinics, meaning they will survive just fine without Sidney Medical Center, but Sidney Medical Center will NOT make it without them.

Recently Montana Daily Gazette reached out to several Sidney Health Center Employees who revealed the following when asked the question,

How does it feel to work for a hospital for years only to be disposed of with no thought or concern on their part?” Their response was telling.

“I’ve been here 20 years, and I’m not considered a quality nurse because I won’t take their garbage vaccine.”

“Last year we were told we had to work a lot of hours far more than before. I don’t have a lot of one on one with patients, and I feel like they aren’t taking into consideration if we’ve had Covid or antibodies. It’s all just about the “money mandate.”

“We won’t make it without “Environmental Services,” meaning our sanitation cleaning staff.

“There is bullying happening at SHC by and from Senior Administration Officials.”

This Wednesday, November 17th, is Sidney Health Center’s Annual Meeting at the Event Center located at the Sidney Fairgrounds-2118 Holly Street, Sidney, MT. All are welcome to peacefully join in at 7 pm for the open meeting to be seen and hopefully be able to reason with them.

Listen and watch below because it’s clear as day-“A message to ‘Sidney Health Center’ you’re going to close.”

Watch the below video as it gives a precise explanation of exactly what is happening concerning current measures at Sidney Health Center.

Of Special Note: For employees needing guidance in reference to the issues herein, please consult with us for assistance at Gideon Knox Consulting.

Attention: If anyone from Sidney Health Center disputes the factuality of anything in this reporting, please email us with evidence immediately, and we will make suitable retractions. Please send written proof. (


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  3. Obviously whoever wrote this article is against covid 19 vaccinations.
    In your business you need to be neutral,
    not bias and without any proof .
    Calling the vaccination a poison will
    not earn you any brownie points

  4. You’re spreading alot of misinformation about the vaccine and it’s unethical to say the least. Health workers are expected to get vaccinated against a plethora of contagious desease already so they don’t out vulnerable patients at risk. I’m going to go ahead and assume you have no medical background, and haven’t lost anyone to COVID yet.

    • The only misleading information I can find in the article is the claim that hospital workers must get the covid vaccine because “The Covid Vaccine saves lives.” Even Fauci admitted that the vaccine doesn’t work better than natural immunity and that it never worked to prevent infections. Nurses and doctors for more than 18 months got exposed to the covid and are very likely already developed natural immunity. Considering that severe adverse effects (including death) of the vaccine exist, forcing vaccine on people who risked their lives to treat covid patients before the vaccine was available is immoral to say the least.

  5. JD claims this is about the hospital making money so that it might keep it’s doors open. Oh me oh my the sky is falling. You can only loose money so long before the doors must close. JD claims that state and Federal suits are in place. This is almost true a rarity for JD. He failed to mention that CMS or Medicaid is not under a suit or legal stay yet. Leave it to publish a half truth here we might as well be listening to CNn for the honesty we will get here. Now if JD’s wife was not the bread winner of the family in jeopardy of loosing the employment that keeps them afloat this would be a non issue. Proverbs 14:8 The wisdom of the prudent understand s his way: but the folly of a fool is deceit. This is the typical JD Hall.


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