Eric Clapton Sides with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Against Rolling Stone.

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Clapton is boldly coming into his own and standing against Rolling Stone with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at his side.

He refuses to play any concerts that demand Covid “Vaccines” and is standing firm against forced Covid “Vaccines” in general. In addition, he is producing music in opposition to his ‘pandemic’ experiences.

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“Eric Clapton teamed up with anti-vaxxer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to bemoan Covid-19 mandates and Rolling Stone’s scathing articles about him in his first interview in a while — outside of statements posted to Telegram.

Posted last week on Kennedy’s The Defender site, the interview features Clapton talking about how the last few years have been a “buzzsaw” for him, both from a commercial standpoint as well as personally.”

He is like-minded with his good friend Van Morrison who believes in anti tyranny as well.

Clapton, Van Morrison's Anti-Lockdown Song Stand and Deliver
Van Morrison-Eric Clapton

Read the rest of Clapton’s story here.


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