Murder Mill Arrest! South Carolina-Citizen Detained for Preaching the Gospel


“One of our boys was just arrested in Greenville, South Carolina, for preaching the Gospel at the murder mill. No warning. No decibel meter. No nothing including- no reading of his rights. The cops came, told him to get off the ladder, put him in cuffs, and he’s now sitting at Greenville County Detention Center. It’s here in SC; getting arrested for preaching the Gospel is here. Pray that God would grant us wisdom and discernment over the next several hours as we reason with our magistrates to do the right thing.”

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“God hates the hands that shed innocent blood.”

The above was written yesterday by Matt Brock of Greenville, South Carolina. Brock and a group of comrades have been protesting the “murder mills” for years on end, but this event marked the first and only arrest.

To be clear, the arrest was over a supposed “decimal” level-of sound discrepancy emitted from a megaphone-and which has never been an issue before. No “calibrated meter” was used at the time of the arrest by police. The arrest was for preaching the Gospel.

Here is a video clip concerning the incident. View here to see Josh’s release from the Greenville County Detention Center.

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Josh was persecuted and arrested for preaching the Gospel of Christ in South Carolina.

Just over a week ago, Brock wrote the following,

“But they’re just fisherman.”

If you ever need inspiration for being used by God to do crazy big things, look no further than this picture right here. We are clueless, powerless, and pretty much useless in and of our skill and might to accomplish anything that has happened in the last year in South Carolina. 20 FULL-TIME missionaries at the murder mill. Seventy-one babies have been saved from death over the past year with this methodology. A bill of abolition was filed to end all baby murder immediately and without compromise.

Christian universities are repenting and joining the fight. Reconciliation is happening among people who were at each other’s throats a year ago. And just this week, the South Carolina Baptist Convention adopted abolition as their official position on child sacrifice. It wasn’t the “pro-life” industry that accomplished this. It wasn’t “Big-Eva.” And it most certainly wasn’t your “Republican/Conservative” politicians. It was a small band of nobodies. A rough-cut group of goons that God had mercy on and poured His grace upon who in turn wanted to see that same grace be poured on their unborn neighbors. It was the kind of men that the religious establishment of Jesus’ day would’ve looked at and said, “Those guys?! They’re mere fishermen.”

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“Mere fishermen” standing up against the Murder Mill in South Carolina.

Most of us haven’t been to seminary. We’ve not been formally trained in evangelism or apologetics. We’ve not read hundreds of books. And we don’t have a 5-year plan. We’re just dudes with Bibles. Brothers and sisters, if you have the Holy Spirit in you, there is nothing else to wait for. You have all you need! Join the fight! Reach out to me, and let’s go advance the Kingdom of God in SC together! Stop believing the lies! YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS

Montana Daily Gazette is proud of these “mere fishermen” who are standing up for the unborn; those who are being led to the slaughter. “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.”Proverbs 31:8


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