Joe Russell-Late for Meeting-Foolishly Contradicts Himself


Today at the County Commissioner’s meeting in Flathead County, much took place. Below is Brenda Roskos’ submitted letter, which was also submitted publicly and emailed to the Commissioners.

Joe Russell showed up an hour and forty-five minutes late and then entirely contradicted himself.

Russell, who worked illegally against HB 702, recently quarantined 14 boys then had the audacity to state (paraphrased), “We’re seeing fewer cases of Covid-19, and we are gaining more natural immunity.”

If that’s the case, Russell, then WHY did you ruin the basketball season for students at Smith Valley School? And why are you so anxious about getting 5 to 11-year-olds “Covid Vaccinated” en masse at the Fairgrounds, especially when no child has died in the state of Montana from “Covid-19” and yet the Pfizer? “Vaccine” is laced with a drug to counteract cardiac arrest!

Out of retirement and into the fire - Montana Free Press
Joe Russell Flathead County Health Officer (picture credit Montana Free Press)

It’s time to go, Joe. You are late for meetings, you contradict yourself, and you are incompetent, which is clearly displayed in the submitted writings below.

County Commissioners: Concerning the election of new Health Board Members and the Health Officer. Bill Burg should not be re-elected. He doesn’t have good judgment and is not an appropriate choice to hold a Health Board seat. He backed up Tamalee St. James Robinson, who confessed she knew nothing about the Covid Testing Labs, nor had she knowledge of basic Cycle Thresholds.

Even we citizens void of a background in health know that the Cycle Thresholds are 35 at Logan Health Care, which will quickly provide a false positive Covid test, even according to Fauci. Burg also came up with an absurd number of projected deaths reaching into the thousands from Covid, which is preposterous. He simply is not qualified nor has good logical skills.

The Veterinarian Jessica Malberg flat-out lies. Even after voting her in-some Commissioners had second thoughts about choosing her, and they should. She assured the Commissioners she was a Constitutionalist; however, she is not as she doesn’t believe in freedom of choice to mask or not, at least as of last winter. The Commissioners had previously stated in a news article that they didn’t have the power or desire to enforce masking.

“[The commissioners] questioned the Veterinarian-Malberg- on her Constitutional principles, and they were all satisfied with her answers.” Initially, that is.

“Commissioner Brodehl stated, “She answered all my civil liberty questions correctly, so we are confident she will be objective.”

In reference to her statements when she was called into a Health Board meeting last winter, she revealed thus, “If you are truly pro-life, act like it. Put a mask on and vote like you care more about those around you than you do about the freedom to pack together as many people as you can and spit on whomever you please for the next few months.” Read here to grasp the full story concerning Malberg’s defiance of the Constitution.

Fiftal also spouted from a previous meeting where she gave input, “As a fifth-generation Montanan and a Veterinary Radiologist with a Masters of Science in Public Health, I am requesting that you enforce the wearing of masks in Public and limit large gatherings. There are members of this board who are more interested in propagating conspiracy theories than they are protecting their community.”

So much for enforcing the Constitution.

Dr. Heyboer does not represent the Public well. He doesn’t believe in bodily autonomy and pushes the concept of the Covid vaccines almost to the point of coercion. He considers the vaccines are safe and effective, and in Flathead County, approximately 50% of the residents are not ok with that. If 50% of adults are opposed to the Covid “Vaccines” for themselves, they most likely will not want them for their children. He simply is not a good choice for our community.

As far Joe Russell continuing in the position as the Health Officer, what Russell is doing is beyond unethical and against House Bill 702. Even schools statewide have backed way off concerning the quarantining of especially well children because of House Bill 702. Russell, however, lives in the dark ages concerning this matter as he performs the Unconstitutional and illegal measures of quarantining well people/children.

A lawsuit filed by Rhoades and Associates entitled proved that according to the Montana State Constitution, the quarantining of well people is against the law, and you can not restrict the movement of well people. Recently Russell proclaimed in the Daily Interlake, and I quote, “You isolate sick people, and you quarantine exposed people,” Russell explained. “This is an age-old public health principle. Does anyone want to contest that? I’ve been doing this for 35 years.”

Wrong Russell, you cannot quarantine well, people, according to

Russell violated HB 702, per his letter dated November 15th, where he segregated vaccinated and unvaccinated children into different protocols for quarantining. In Russell’s letter, there is full-blown discrimination between vaccinated and unvaccinated students. Fourteen boys at Smith Valley School were quarantined, thus missing a third of their basketball season and many school days. These are students with no symptoms. This letter was also unknown to the Health Board or the County Commissioners until after last Thursday’s vote where the Health Board chose not to have oversite over Russell as Health Officer. However, several citizens sent a copy of Russell’s letter via email before voting took place by the Health Board. Russell is sneaky and constantly changing protocol without oversite.

Illegal quarantining of well children plus discrimination against HB 702

On February 24th of 2021, Russell was present at the Flathead High School Auditorium during a large public District 5 School Board meeting. A female student spoke of how her best friend committed suicide when the schools closed in the spring of 2020. Russell just needlessly quarantined 14 boys without a thought, which is horrible for the mental health of healthy youth. He also urged them to get tested via the PCR testing, which has a Cycle Threshold of 35-40 at Logan Health in Kalispell. This number is so high that even Fauci states false positives are often the result.

Russell also lies when he states that the Covid “Vaccination” has been proven to be an effective way to limit the spread of Covid 19.” However, this is contrary to what the CDC states, “That the vaccine only reduces symptoms and does not limit the spread of Covid 19.”

It is also a lie to believe that the Covid “Vaccine” is safe as the Pfizer for 5 to 11 year-olds contains an additional drug entitled Tromethamine, which aids in the event of cardiac arrest. Let that sink in.

“The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine formulation for 5-11-year-olds will include tromethamine. Tromethamine is a drug used for the treatment of metabolic acidosis after a cardiac arrest event, as noted in the FDA’s label for the drug.” In other words, the Covid Shot contains a drug meant to counteract cardiac arrest in children. Let that sink in. And multiple times, Russell refers to getting the shot as an opportunity as if it were a good thing.

We do have proof in the state of Montana that at least two teenagers have been sick and impaired as a result of the Pfizer Covid Vaccine. Myocarditis as a result of the toxic injection. One is a 14-year-old with the condition considered to be life-threatening, and the other is a 15-year-old male with multiple symptoms, including Myocarditis, who was hospitalized for four days.

14-year-old male with life-threatening Myocarditis
15-year-old male hospitalized 4 days with Myocarditis

Because the Health Board is by law the Health Officer’s supervisor in these matters and because by law the County Commissioners are supervisors of the Health Board (MCA 50-2-116)…Health Board members and the County Commissioners may also be held liable for violations by the Health Officer.

The violations have been brought to the attention of the Health Board Attorney, the County Attorney, the Sheriff, the Kalispell Mayor, and the local newspapers.
I am aware that they are liable for the health officer’s violations of the law because of what should be their proper Supervision over him.

I have personally heard Commissioners Holmquist and Brodehl state that “forced vaccinations” are where we draw the line.

But we must be watching closely over those who state untruths as Joe Russell does about the Covid “Vaccine” as it can sway the Public to take a proven unsafe substance.

There is a reason that so many people have applied for a position on the Health Board, and it’s because they are not satisfied with the actions of the Health Officer and the conduct of several Health Board members, as I’ve stated above. At the very least, Joe Russell needs detailed and constant Supervision and very possibly removed for overreach and lying.

Please, Commissioners, deeply consider what I have laid out. These are severe matters.

Respectfully submitted,

Mrs. James A. Roskos


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