Liberal Media Lies-AG Knudsen Falsely Accused-MDG Only Truthful Source


Once again, the liberal Legacy Press as in Lee Newspapers, Daily Montanan, Helena Independent Record, and the Billings Gazette has been caught in outright lies. They simply make up nonsense, fabricate, deceive, and hurl accusations having no clue as to what they are doing when it comes to reporting.

Concerning events at St. Peter’s Hospital in Helena, individuals who were poor at researching the truth also jumped to nefarious conclusions and slandered Austin Knudsen, including Robin Driscoll, Chair of the Montana Democratic Party, James Nelson, Retired Supreme Court Justice, Evan Barrett Democratic Operative, and Bob Anez Former Associated Press Reporter.

Because MDG is accurate and trustworthy, the family and family advocate reached out to MDG for help to combat the lies of the liberal media. You can read Montana Daily Gazette’s article-which countered the liberal media lies- at the end of this report.

Representative Jedidiah Hinkle revealed the following:

“Democrat leadership and Liberal Media were caught in false and defamatory statements towards Attorney General Austin Knudson. As you may know, the Democrats in the legislature called for a Special Counsel investigation of the AG’s office for alleged harassment from that office towards St. Peters Health in Helena over a report that a patient was mistreated by the hospital. Sadly, the patient passed away in the hospital. Attached is a statement released by the Senate President and Speaker of the House concerning the Special Counsel’s findings on the allegations of harassment, and also attached are the false and defamatory statements made by Democrat leadership and liberal media outlets.”

The truth prevails.
They lie and deceive themselves and others.
They speak without researching or thinking.

Once again, Montana Daily Gazette was the ONLY news source to bring forth the truth and honor the family in need in their time of distress and uphold those such as our Attorney General by setting the record straight. Make sure and read the truthful account here.

Montana Daily Gazette is the single news source worth reading and advertising with!


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