Montana Pastor Continues to Be Persecuted by Realtor Groups Because They Treat the Bible as “Hate Speech”


Brandon Huber was stunned when a 14-year-old congregant and volunteer notified him the church accidentally and unknowingly passed out LGBTQ propaganda with the food they were delivering from the Missoula Food Bank. Clearly, it violated the Bible’s teaching on human sexuality.

The church was just trying to do the right thing…help their community kids get bagged lunches during the summertime when the school cafeteria wasn’t serving.

Huber called the Missoula Food Bank to make sure it wasn’t an accident. Did they mean to place the propaganda in the bags? The answer was yes. The congregation met and determined they would feed kids on their own, at their own expense, and not pass out that which they don’t believe in.

Fast forward, and the Montana Realtor’s Association is trying to pull his realtor’s license for “homophobia” and it has nationwide implications. He has retained Matthew Monforton as counsel. And last week, community members gathered in support of Brandon, including MDG Publisher and fellow pastor, JD Hall (seen below).

Hall, who is being sued for “transphobia” according to Raph Graybill’s client, has set up his own legal fund, here.

Hall recalled to the crowd that Huber was the only pastor to call him in support after being kicked out of Town Pump for religious speech (Town Pump has since rescinded their threat of criminal trespass after Hall threatened them with the 1964 Civil Rights Act, in a letter co-signed by a number of prominent legislators).

The event was added to the “God, Country, Family Tour” as a last-minute venue, given the developments in the case.

Hall and Huber are very different men. Hall, controversial. Huber, quiet. Hall, outspoken. Huber, very meek. Hall, hot-tongued. Huber, mild-mannered. But both are committed to Christ and the teachings of the Bible, as are thousands of Montanans.

It was falsely and wrongly reported in the press that Huber was refusing to feed hungry kids, when it was very much the opposite. He went out of his way to make sure the hungry were fed, without discriminating against anyone because of their sexual preference or that of their parents. Nonetheless, both the media and the Realtor’s Association wanted to place Huber’s head on a platter and make an example of him.

The event in support of Huber went swimmingly, with a full congregation. Numerous speakers were there (the Missoulian took some out of context, predictably), and Huber explained the real facts of the ordeal. His attorney explained the realtors were accusing the Bible of hate speech.

But now – again – things are escalating. Now the National Association of Realtors is after him.

In a post on Huber’s Facebook page today he wrote…

To quote their letter 👇👇👇 This is now on a national level and we ask for your prayers and support! “discriminatory behavior of Mr. Brandon Huber, a member of National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the Montana Association of Realtors®, and the Missoula Organization of Realtors®, and ask that all respective organizations disassociate themselves from him in an expedient manner. We are also encouraging Windermere Service Company Chief Executive Officer Geoff Wood to immediately end its affiliation with Mr. Huber.”

See the screen-grab below.

Why should he lose his realtor license? He believes homosexuality is a sin (because it is).

To contribute to Huber’s legal fund, click here.


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