Op-Ed: Medical Expert Claims-“Russell, Heyboer, Malberg, Burg Must Go.”


Dear Commissioners:

As a new resident of the Flathead Valley, I am writing this email to inform you that I am following your actions closely. As public servants who have the pleasure to serve during times of good behavior and having sworn the oath to uphold our Constitution, it is my duty as a citizen to hold you accountable. Being a God-fearing and law-abiding Christian, an accurate observer of reality, and a licensed and registered medical professional for nearly 30 years, I have been afforded many decades of experience distinguishing truth from lies, facts from opinions, and Constitutionally sound laws from tyrannical and despotic edicts. 

Having worked in a 660-bed University Medical Center during the onset, and months following, of the alleged ‘novel coronavirus pandemic,’ the onslaught of injured police officers, other first responders, and the multitudes of victims alongside the criminals that burned, looted, maimed and murdered in the city of Chicago, Illinois, I had the pleasure of imaging more than 1000 patients. Many of those who claimed to have this ‘virus’ appeared to be crisis actors who only began dramatically coughing and feigning illness after I entered their room. Since there appeared to be an alleged shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE), we were instructed to reuse disposable items such as N95 masks, gowns, eye shields, etc. As the days of the ‘pandemic’ continued, we were told by the end of the week, we would be required to wear disposable masks while on the campus. If this ‘virus’ was so deadly, why were we told to wait until the end of the week to wear masks around the clock, I asked to no avail. I had already had my guaranteed rights under the Fourth Amendment violated by bodily temperature taking and other illegal and unalienable rights usurped by those who had, and still have, no authority to impose such illegal and intrusive actions. 

Having monitored then deciding to relocate to Montana where many brave women have been standing up to the so-called experts who ‘practice’ medicine in new public-private organizations installed with the onset of the unconstitutional Healthcare Affordability Act, aka Romney/Obamacare, I followed the actions of many willfully ignorant and medically illiterate on this local Health Board. I am referring to Bill Burg, Jessica Malberg-Fiftal, and Dr. Pete Heyboer. These individuals have violated their oaths of office and have been perpetuating a division amongst the residents of the Flathead Valley. I urge you to NOT REINSTATE these oath breakers. Lying under oath is a crime and punishable under our written laws. Swearing an oath to uphold the laws and Constitution and then breaking those is a serious crime. Our laws were not suspended during the Small Pox outbreak, yet today, there is the appearance of un-American activities happening even in our local Government. This must end immediately, and we must follow the written laws, serve up justice to those who break these laws, especially to those who hold public offices. At the very least, these individuals must be removed with their heads hung low in humiliation and made an example to any future oath breakers. 

The most egregious and embarrassing statements emanating from the masked Joe Russell, who outright lied when he stated (per the communist-leaning rag called The Daily Interlake 11/20/2021), …’ You isolate sick people, and you quarantine exposed people…’ He then wants someone to contest him, asking for or daring anyone to question his statements since he has ‘been doing this for 35 years. There is an older photo of him donning a white smock with his embroidered name and title ‘Incident COMMANDER’ standing closer than (the laughable) 6′ distance flashing known gang member hand gestures. This is a perfect example of the absence of credibility spoken out of the mouth of a propagandist, also known as an outright LIAR! This man should be legally removed as well.

We don’t quarantine people exposed to illness, not even if you’ve been exposed to a person coughing with active Tuberculosis. As a diagnostic imaging professional for decades, I have incurred hundreds, maybe even thousands of people that are sick. AIDS, HIV, Tuberculosis, H1N1, RSV, MRSA, Swine Flu, Bird Flu, etc.. ad infinitum until we come to the present day scare of Covid 19 and all its variants. I have been directly and indirectly exposed to all bodily fluids (spit, piss, feces, blood, etc.) along with dangerous chemicals and radiation. I have never been quarantined, my tens of thousands of colleagues nor these patients’ families, friends, nor coworkers.

Joe Russell is an embarrassing example of the modern-day perpetrators of germophobia that holds a public position and has been known as a ‘Commander’. These are the kinds of tactics used by the Nazis, who rounded up millions of people who they claimed caused diseases, enslaved, performed medical experiments, started our earlier computer tracking systems, gave us modern-day pharmaceutical companies, then murdered the ‘diseased’ all LEGALLY under their ungodly policies, laws, and systems. Our Government brought these wicked men to our land and put them to work to destroy my fellow citizens and, as a byproduct,  accumulate enormous amounts of its wealth and land.

In attempts to ‘purify’ the people of America, our very Supreme Court allowed imbeciles and social rejects to be sterilized. The God-haters also invented mental illness as a diagnosis, creating countless torture devices, surgical techniques (frontal lobotomy & electrical shock ‘treatment’, for example). These so-called sick people are not quarantined. 

We must not allow those in our rouge Government or its agencies, who have sanctioned the unlawful murder of our unborn children, to dictate Unconstitutionally from ANY position of representation. While these ‘officials’ and the so-called press consistently mislabels them as ‘our leaders’, we enjoy a ‘representative’ form of Government. As our County Commissioners, you are responsible, liable, and will be held to account for ANY and ALL violations of the law, and any board member(s) who strays from our beloved Constitution must be removed and, if warranted, prosecuted.

As far as I can see, defamation of character is also a crime with penalties. The unprofessionalism demonstrated by the above-mentioned board members should be addressed before removing them from these important positions. To utter such disregard towards Dr. Annie Bukacek, voted top Physician of Flathead Valley, speaks volumes about the lack of virtuous character in this arena. She has been as a lone voice of reason speaking over the din of Government overreach. We should all be bold in this time where many effeminate men, sexual perverts, and criminals seek to destroy our foundations. Our Founding Fathers would be proud of Dr. Bukacek and would drum out the so-called men that I see as deserters and hung from the nearest tree.

Thank you for your time and serious consideration of these issues. If you would like to discuss any matters further, please feel free to contact me. I was hoping to serve this community with my skills in diagnostic imaging, however, your local hospital requires I bear false witness to my neighbors by requiring the non-effective disposable mask. I will not lie in order to make someone else ‘feel’ better. These masks could not stop the dust particulate while I’ve cut drywall; it will not stop a microscopic germ, especially one that the CDC indicates has never been isolated. Sadly, it’s not about health or care any longer; it’s about enslavement, unconstitutional edicts, unwarranted fear, and separation of people who rightly proclaim we are indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.


Diana M.Southard 


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