Save the County Blueprint: Get Rid of Voting Machines NOW


This isn’t the first article the Montana Daily Gazette has written about Kirk MacKenzie and his movement – consisting of many volunteers – to save Montana and the entire country, one county at a time. But this might be our most detailed yet.

Last week we put out an article about joining The Constitutional County Immediately, and the week before, explained that it’s as much a movement as an organization. On November 1, we gave a brief overview of the movement, and in October we introduced you to MacKenzie and his movement.

For the typical Montanan the question is simple; how do we change the country. But it’s a simple answer; one county at a time – starting with your own. As MacKenzie deftly explains on his radio program, which can be heard on Montana Daily Gazette’s KHDN ‘The Vigilante‘ (Hardin/Billings) 1230AM on Tuesday evenings, (and live-streamed by you at home by clicking here), this is about an inch-by-inch revolution to procure our lives, property, and rights for ourselves and our children in a way that can be done literally everywhere. It’s because we (the editorial staff) believe so much in Kirk’s position that we are happy to weekly give an update on each weekly radio program.

But this might be task #1 for trying to liberate our counties; keep the federal government and foreign governments (largely, the same thing) from controlling our election process. Montana Daily Gazette has written much on election integrity in Montana, and it doesn’t look good. It certainly looks compromised, and – quite frankly – it looks like our Secretary of State might be asleep on the job. But beyond a doubt, our county clerks and election administrators are packed together in a statewide union to thwart any effort at election transparency.

If elections aren’t free, we aren’t free. It’s really as simple as that. You can download the following Constitutional County document for free, via pdf, by clicking here.

Known as Demand 4, MacKenzie’s document makes six different caveats;

  • The packet has a cover sheet, contact info, and an optional notary form.
  • Complete the second page – both you and co-signers (hand this off to others. You can type or handwrite this in.
  • Print and keep a copy packet for yourself and future use.
  • Register yourself and others who have signed the packet (make sure handwriting is clear)
  • Send the completed packets to MacKenzie, who will take it from there.

It would be helpful to remind you what exactly is the Constitutional County Movement. You can find out more about it by clicking the graphic below to download or read the pdf for yourself.

A more explanatory background can be found here.

Be sure not only to listen to MacKenzie’s program but download these PDFs. For example, consider the Constitutional County solution for honest elections (page 5):

Electronic Voting machines were introduced as a means to overthrow governments by secretly altering election results. We have the bakers and George Bush to thank for the “chads” false flag used as a pretext. That is why Diebold was one of the first to introduce one, the same company that makes bank teller machines.

MacKenzie goes on:

FLUSH: Get rid of electronic voting machines. They allow politically motivated high-tech companies to control elections.

PUNCH BALLOTS: These worked well. That is why there was such an effort to replace them. Resinstate them. Cheap. Durable. Unalternatible. Storable. Functional with mechanical devices that cannot cheat.

CRIMINALIZE ALL OUTSIDE INFLUENCE: Whether it be in the form of favors, money, advocacy or other.

CITIZEN PARTICIPATION: Use citizens, not bureaucrats, to run the process, in proportion to their representation in the county.

CAN’T VOTE? CAN’T CONTRIBUTE? When it comes specifically to campaign financing, no one and no entity outside the country should have not say whatsoever.

TRANSPARENCY: PUblish everything – ballots, methods, tallies, etc.

PROSECUTE violators as high crimes, and not misdemeanors.

Find out more about how to save our country, one county at a time, from Kirk MacKenzie’s work online in his Constitutional County newsletter or on KHDN (and don’t forget, you can stream online).


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